This is my 2010 diary page.

Have fun reading Ham-radio items and coverage of my hunt for DX!







- 29 December 2010, over thinking 2010.


Just days before the end of this year and I have not been active at all from X-mas till now.

Time to have a quick view on this years ups and downs.

The news of having cancer brings everything and everyone out of balance and changed our life's


Surviving this took most of this year and it seems the treatment was successful as I got good news

just before Xmas.

The tumor is not active at the moment and I hope it will stay away forever.

I am positive about the new start in 2011!


DX wise it wasn't bad at all.

Most recently we went to the Caribbean to activate Bonaire Island/PJ4B for a new DXCC.

Truly one of my dreams to operate from such a place and experience the big pile ups.

I could also bag a couple new ones for DXCC this year but it's getting tougher and tougher.

Till now there are still 19 countries to go.(from total 340 DXCC)


I had a nice year contesting from home and from our contest location, the K3 (Kamerikse kontest Kontainer).

We have a small team but not less fun and participated in the major contest throughout the year.

If you would ask me to pick one highlight it is definitely the January CQWW160 meter CW contest. 

We had build a 26 meter long vertical with 36 radials on ground which worked very well.

What a joy to be on topband again, one of my favorite bands.


I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout the year.

At last but not least, my contest friends for making us all laugh when we were having fun at the K3, priceless!

Have a great new years eve and for 2010.......


Hope you'll all be Happy and healthy.......see you all next year!





- 17 to 19 December 2010, totally off topic.....!


Snow, Snow, Snow!

For the last 48 hours we had a massive amount of snow, more then 10 inches!

I can not recall having winter this soon in the season and absolutely not this much snow.

The snow courses many problems on the roads but ofcourse there is a fun side on it too.

My dog really loves the white powder and so he had the time of his life when we went for a walk in

the park.


PA3GVI and Elmo


Winter scene near my house




-16 December 2010, PJ4B video.


Around 2300 local today I published the PJ4B video on Youtube of our October 2010 DX-pedition.

Earlier this evening Fred/PA8F held a speech about our experience and all the things that you walk into

when being on the DX side.

Video was part of the presentation as well.





- 14 December 2010, PJ5 confirmed!


Today I received the card from Wlodek who was active from St.Eustatius as PJ5/SP6EQZ.

This confirms DXCC#318, worked 321.....(320 confirmed inclusive deleted ones).

Waiting for cards from PJ2T, PJ4X and ZL8X.

I do still need following DXCC:

7O – Yemen

FO - Marquesas Is.

FR/J - Juan de Nova, Europa Is.

FR/T - Tromelin Is.

FT5W – Crozet Is.

KH3 - Johnston Is.

KH5 - Palmyra & Jarvis Is.

KH7K – Kure Is.

KH9 - Wake Is.

KP1 - Navassa Is.

P5 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

T31 - C. Kiribati

VK0 - Heard Is.

VK9M - Mellish Reef

VP8 – South Georgia Is.

VP8 – South Orkney Is.

VP8 - South Sandwich Is.

ZL9 - Auckland & Campbell Is.

PJ7- St. Maarten





- 13 December 2010, Processing PJ4B direct cards!


So far we spend a couple evenings processing the direct requests for PJ4B.

We found QSO's that were not in our log or QSO's made with PJ4N, PJ4W or PJ4D.

You would assume that most of the Ham's have access to the Internet and have all the QSL information

available....but I guess not!

Never the less, we worked through a big load and more then 1000 direct cards are on their way now.





- 4 to 10 December 2010,....and finally 9Q50ON in my log.


I have been listening the bands quite frequently but did not make to many contacts.

I listened on 160 meters during the weekend of the ARRL 160/CW contest but conditions were not

good enough.

Not good enough for my T-antenna(conductor and braid connected from the 31 meter long dipole) and

so I only worked a couple big guns from the other side of the Atlantic, VY2ZM, K3ZM and K1LT.

The 7Th was good on 15 meter/CW and I worked BX4AA and VK2GWK in the morning around 0830z.


From 3Th till 13 December there would be a team of operators active from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Callsign is 9Q50ON and I often checked the spots but could not hear them at all.

This changed on the 10Th when I could work them on 20/CW at first around 1321z.

Little later I heard the Dutch OP on 14.195 MHz asking ON and PA stations to call on 14.197 MHZ.

This would make it a lot easier now...give a call and even do he did not have my full the call first time, he

finally confirmed with...'PA3GVI 5 and 9'... !

Not a new country but nice to work them at least on one band.

I heard them on 40/CW very light the day after and tried for a while, but I suppose others were much


About 12 hours later I could check the online log and both QSO's were good ones.





- 27 and 28 November, CQWWCW.


Fred/PA8F and I were active from the PA8A shack in the CQWWCW contest using PI4W call-sign.

Not an around the clock effort but just being active several shifts through the weekend.

We started 0000z Saturday morning and it went very well on 40 meter, later on 80.

All the DX spotted could be worked very easily and that proofs that a high dipole or Rhombic are very

good antennas as well.

We went home and got back Saturday in the afternoon, starting with 20 meters for a couple hours.

We stayed till 2200z then on topband and 80 meters with good runs.

We had 1000 QSO's in the log then.

We returned on Sunday around noon and wanted to start at 20 meters but we saw very high SWR.

What happened is not exactly sure but we think the Balun gave up working because of the very

low temperatures outside.

Possible some water had entered, we will find out later.......

We decided to check the spots on 40 meter then.

To our surprise we could hear stations from the South Pacific very strong, KH6, KH2 etc.....Japanese too.

So, we worked a couple and could also bag ZL8X from the Kermadec Islands (Raoul Island).

This was all around 1330z, 40 meter is truly a magic band,...one of my favorites!

After some coffee we went home with 1065 QSO's total.

Not a top score but we sure had fun!

Thanks go to Peter for the hospitality and use of the 'Superstation'.


Back home I made another 100 QSO's with my own callsign....


Yagi at PA8A station.




- 23 to 25 November.


Stations in my log over the past days:

- C50C (Gambia) on 15/SSB

- P40L (Aruba) on 15/CW

- 7Z1TT (Saudi-Arabia) on 15/SSB

- 3B8CF (Mauritius) on 15/CW

- 6W/EI6DX (Senegal) on 15/SSB

- KP2/K3CT (US Virgin Islands) on 15/CW

- VP5/W5CW (Turks & Caicos) on 15/CW




- 19 November 2010, two new countries!


Since yesterday two operators from Poland are active from St.Eustatius/PJ5, one I need since it became

a new DXCC on 10-10-2010.

Today I heard them just before noon but I did not have much time then.

In the afternoon I saw them again but could not hear them on the G5RV.

I got on the phone with Peter who mentioned ZL8X from Raoul Island (Kermadec Islands)was also on the air,

another one I need.

So, I grabbed my keys (paddle and car keys,hi) and jumped into my car to try and work both from Peter's


PJ5/SP6EQZ was on 15 meter/CW....one call and he got me.

We quickly switched the transceiver to 20 meter were PJ5/SP6IXF was on 14.260 in phone.

I got him again very quickly, nice!

On the cluster we saw ZL8X spotted on 20/SSB and 40/CW but could only hear him very light on 40 meters.

We waited and hoped he would get stronger as we were approaching the grey-line.

He did come out of the noise at times and gave a couple calls,.....thought I worked him but was not 100% sure.

I decided to go home but wanted to have a last look on 20 meter if conditions had improved.

It sure did and we could hear ZL8X via the short path handing out reports to Europeans.

I set my second VFO and gave my call, he came back almost instantly, wooow!

Great, 2 new DXCC's within 30 minutes and I am quite happy with the ZL8!

DXCC score: 321 worked, 317 confirmed(319 inclusive 2 deleted,PJ2/4 and PJ6/7)

About 30 minutes later when I returned home, checked the PJ5 website and already found both QSO's

in their online log!


ZL8X website at: http://www.kermadec.de/

PJ5/SP6IXF and PJ5/SP6EQZ website at: http://pj5-2010.dxing.pl/index.html






- 16 November 2010, DX from Peter's place.


I visited my friend Peter and together we made a couple nice contacts on 15 meter.

I logged following stations in SSB:

- 6V7Z (Senegal)

- 9L0W ( Sierra Leone)

- 7Z1TT (Saudi Arabia)

- YC1BTJ ( Indonesia)

- YC9BEC (Indonesia)

- A61R (United Arab Emirates)

In the evening, at home, I worked EX2A on 40 meter in CW.




- 13 and 14 November 2010, WAE and PA-beker contest.


We all hoped for good conditions this weekend, specially for the WAE contest, and it was not all that bad.

I was active with the PI4W contest-team in the WAE-RTTY contest and made 138 QSO's myself at home as well.

Last year PI4W made 2000+ QSO's but we would not break that score.

The 80 meter vertical did very well and the other antennas brought the necessary DX aboard but it

seemed like not as many people joined the contest this year!

I was there on Saturday morning around 0200z with Willem to join Joop who started at 0000z.

On 80 it went quite good with a FY calling in and many USA, 40 on the other hand, was quite slow.

You would expect many US to call but even the East coast ones were not that strong,...some exceptions!

Later that day the others found that the multiband vertical was not working properly and so they could

not be active on 20 and 15 meter same time.

I spend the day home to return on Sunday morning together with Fred, we arrived at 0630z.

We first tried 40 and 80 a little more but it went slow,...very slow.

We discussed short what to do and decided to take down the multiband vertical and install the

monoband vertical for 20 meter.

This way we could use 15 and 20 same time again and within the hour Fred was on 20 meter with the vertical

and I could make the first contacts on 15 meter with the yagi.

I wasn't successful calling CQ but bagged a couple nice ones in the early hours, VK, BY, JA.

These were short openings and later it opened to Europe, SA and NA.

We had more then 1000 in the log when we left, Stan and Joop would take the last shift.

They stopped hours before the initial end but this was because the rate went down to a minimum.

The 20 meter vertical worked very well, Fred worked the VK's just as easy as on the yagi.

Nice contest and besides the error with the multiband vertical everything went right.

Here's the PI4W summary:


Band   Q/QTC  QSOs    Pts    Cty
   3,5    QSO     347     347    228
   7       QSO     404     404    183
   7     RQTC         8         8        0
 14       QSO     292     292    130
 14     RQTC       49       49        0
 14     SQTC       10       10        0
 21       QSO     192     192    112
Total    All     1302   1302    653

Claimed Score : 850.206



PI4W 80 meter vertical,...40 meter in the background.


I also joined the national PA-BEKER-CW contest from home.

This is a yearly contest, 2,5 hours CW on Saturday and 2,5 hours SSB on Sunday.

I skipped the SSB part but made 100 QSO's in the CW contest were PA's work PA's, exchanging

QSL regions.

Here are the summary's of the WAE and the PA-Beker CW (home effort) :



Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec
   3,5      47      47   28
   7         53      53   31
Total    100    100   59



Band   Q/QTC  QSOs    Pts    Cty
   3,5    QSO       52      52      68
   7       QSO       85      85      87
   14     QSO        1         1       2
Total    All      138     138   157



- 12 November 2010, just hours to WAE-RTTY.


While writing we are hours away from the WAE-RTTY contest.

Today,...PD2JAM, PD0LUR and PA8F, set up the station braving high wind and rain.

Most challenging was the 1/4 wave vertical for 80 meters but it's ready for multipliers!

We will be PI4W during this 48 hour contest.

Hope to make contact with you! (from 13 November 0000z till 14 November 2359z)





- 6 and 7 November, Ukrainian DX contest.


Not a major effort in the contest, just to gain points for our National contest competition.

Exactly 100 QSO's, mostly on Sunday morning, on 20/40/80 meter band and I was only

active in CW.




- 6 November 2010.


During some night activity I worked 5R8X from Madagascar on 40 meter in CW.

Later, FJ/SM5ENX and FJ/SM5FUG from St.Barth, also on 40 meter in CW.




- 2 November 2010, PJ4B pictures.


I just made an on-line picture gallery with PJ4B pictures.

Click on the picture to enter the page!





- 29 to 31 October 2010, CQ-WW-SSB weekend!


Just back from all the radio activity in PJ4 we had to prepare for this big contest.

PD2JAM, PD0LUR, PA8F and myself were at the contest location early on Friday to build the 40 and 80 meter

vertical, multiband vertical for 10/15/20 and the dipole for 160.

Experienced as we are now, this went very quickly and Fred set up the rest of the station, configure

the PC's with N1MM, interfacing and such.

In the afternoon Nico/PA0NCR came along with the home made 'Nico 500', an amplifier he build for us!

This almost looks like a commercial one doesn't it?!(see picture below).

A big 'wooow' for Nico, the amplifier proofed to be contest proof during the weekend, giving us the allowed

400 watts on all bands.

The team started 0000z and it was very clear from the start that this is one of 'the contests' of the year.

Almost impossible to find a clear spot to call CQ and when you found one, stations started calling on top of you.

So, main time was spend with S&P, not that that worked out that bad at all!

In the afternoon I had my hands free to do a short shift and repeat the same on Sunday morning.

We hoped that the bands would calm down a bit during the second day but this was not the case.

Calling CQ towards JA delivered a couple from that area and a few long path SA as well but then you had to

call again long before someone came along.

Maybe I was far to low on the band but you just could not find a clear spot from 14.110 to 14.345 MHz!

Anyway, I had to go again around 0800z and the others completed the contest with a total of 1400+ QSO's.


PI4W operators for this weekend: NL-11607, PD0LUR, PD2JAM, PA8F, PA3GVI.

 Band    QSOs     Pts     Cty   ZN
   1,8       91        94      34    6
   3,5     408      495      75   15
   7        384      602    104   23
   14      377      590      96   20
   21      151      361      71   25
Total    1411   2142    380   89


Claimed Score : 1.004.598 Points


The Nico 500!




- 2 November 2010, CQ-Certificate.


I forgot to mention a Certificate I found in my mail when back from PJ4.

This was from the CQ magazine desk, a 2Th Place award for my activity in the CQWWCW-2009.

I was Single Op/High Power/assisted back in November 2009, claiming 893.916 points.





- 25 October 2010, back home from the PJ4B experience!


We returned home from the Bonaire trip on Saturday in the afternoon after a long flight.

The last 2 weeks have been absolutely great and we all had a very nice time on the island.

Pile ups from this new DXCC were very large, something I had never experienced before.

We made about 15K QSO's and were active in SSB/CW and RTTY.

As we took our wife's along on the trip we mixed radio with sight seeing and relaxing on the beach.

This proved to be a good choice and we fully enjoyed the nice weather, beaches, fauna and last but not

least, the very kind people.

The Bonaire weblog will be updated frequently with info about the QSL progress and such.

Click on one of the pictures to enter the PJ4B weblog page!


Fred active in RTTY.


Peter, working the large SSB pile up.


Rob, sorting out a pile of dits and dahs! (CW)


Video on Youtube of the first hours on 40 meter towards Europe:




- 3 October 2010, ON contest/SSB.


This Sunday there would be 4 hour contest, the ON-SSB contest on 80 meter.

I made 50 QSO's during the 2 hours active.


Band  Mode  QSOs   Pts   SEC
    3,5  LSB     50     150    26

Total  Both    50     150    26

Claimed Score : 3.900 Points




1 October 2010, PJ4B!


We, PA8A/PA8F and PA3GVI, received permission to use PJ4B from 10-10-2010 to 22 -10-2010 during our

stay on Bonaire Island.

We will be running one or two stations at the same time possible different times through the day as this will

not be a 24/7 DXpedition!

You can find us on the regular DX frequencies unless they are in use!

A lot of info about the stations active from the Island can be found at www.bonaire2010.com but I also

published an alternative web page for our operation.

There you can view our online log, live stream and PJ4B weblog.

Have a look here: http://sitekreator.com/pa3gvi/bonaire-2010.html or just click the image below.





- 28 September 2010,...who would have thought?!


Theo/PA1TK dropped by this afternoon for a short visit as he was in the neighborhood.

He had a present for me he said, and putt a trophy on the table for my 1ST place in  the May-2009

144 MHz contest.

I was active then from LX with 2 yagi systems, making 634 QSO's in the Multi/Single section.

More 'Bling Bling' in my shack,hi!





- 25 and 26 September 2010, CQ-WW-DX-RTTY.


We had a great contest this weekend and made 1963 QSo's in the Multi/Two category.

RTTY contests are our favorite contest as this mode allows you to run a pile up and talk to others

in the shack same time,hihi.

Bands were good except 10 meters were we had no contacts at all.

40 meter band was good during day and night and we could work many nice DX there like VP8NO.

The yagi performs very well and working DX on 20 and 15 went very smooth.

We had a couple visitors and a guest operator which I would like to thank for his input (Tom/PA9T).

All and all a very nice weekend again with the crew!

I made 75 from home to gain points for the National Contest competition.


PI4W made 1963 QSO's:


Band    QSOs     Pts    Cty    ZN   Sec
   3,5     468      950    54    13    12
   7        681    1493    64    21    31
   14      665    1671    66    27    50
   21      149      356    56    21      6
Total   1963    4470  240    82    99

Claimed Score : 1.881.870 Points



PA3GVI made 75 QSO's:


Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   ZN    Sec
   3,5      25      49    12    3    0
   7         31      63    15    5    1
   14       18      38    10    5    1
   21         1        3      1    1    0
Total     75     153   38   14    2

Claimed Score : 8.262 Points




- 25 September 2010, 5W5A card from Samoa.


I received the card from a 20 meter morse contact with 5W5A.

This was Hubert/K6HFA who was active from Upola Island/OC-097 in Samoa, in the South Pacific.





- 24 September 2010.


I have been out most of the night and worked a couple on 40 and 20 meter.

Several stations were obviously preparing and testing for the CQWW-RTTY contest coming weekend as

I could log a couple on RTTY as well.

During the night I worked: PJ2/KB3EYY (40/CW), HC8/K6AW (40/RTTY), CO6WD (40/CW), H74LEON (40/CW),

K2VV (40/CW), PV8ADI (40/CW), UR5UJ/p (40/CW) and JT5DX (20/RTTY).


In the afternoon I went to the contest location to prepare antennas for the contest and meet the other guys.

Look for us as PI4W in the CQWW-RTTY contest this weekend, we will be operating Multi/Two.

My first shift will be tomorrow morning around 0300z.





- 18 and 19 September 2010, Scandinavian Activity Contest.


I take part in the in the SAC for a couple years now and I looked forward to this weekend.

This was the CW part (SSB part in October) and I enjoyed the chase for different countries available on

the bands.

During the Saturday I worked many on 40 meter and a bunch on 20 meter as well.

In the late evening turned to 80 meter and that didn't go to bad at all except, I was to tired to stay up longer.

I could have had a higher score then because the distance to the Scandinavian DXCC's is far more better on

80 meter then on 20 meter.

Sunday morning when I woke there were just a few left active on 80 and so I focused on 20 meter.

This was the band where I had made not to many contacts yet.

I was pleased to reach to 250 QSO's as it did go very slow with new stations.

Fun weekend, nice action!


 Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty
    3,5      34       34   20
    7       109     109   34
    14     107     107   31
Total     250     250   85

Claimed Score : 21.250 Points




- 16 September 2010, big load of cards!


I received a big pack with more then 300 QSL cards from Fred/PA8F,our region manager.

It included more then 180 cards for my LX -2009 DXpedition and another 120 for my home-call activity.

About 70 cards from Japan, loads from US and EU.

I will mention the highlights: VP9/KM3T (Bermuda), 5R8ZO (Madagascar), 6V7S (Senegal), FM5LD (Martinique),

TT8JT (Chad), 3B7C (St. Brandon), TO4X (Saint Martin), 9G1AA (Ghana), E21YDP (Thailand), TY4TW (Benin),

XT2SE (Burkina Faso), KL7JM (Alaska), J5UAP (Guine Bissau), 9M6XRO (East Malaysia), VP2MTE (Montserrat), ZF2AM (Cayman), VP5W (Turks and caicos), ZP6CW (Paraguay), V26K (Antigua), VP2V/DL7VOG (British Virgin),

3V3S (Tunesia), J3/DM2AYO (Grenada), JX9JKA (Jan Mayen), 3D2GM (Fiji).




- 15 September 2010, ZS8M interview.


About a month ago I invited Pierre/ZS8M to be part of my HAMINTERVIEW page.

He answered positive and I have it published since yesterday.

Just click on the image below to read his answers to the 10 questions I fired on him.





- 13 September 2010, DX Code of Practice!



I got an e-mail from Roger/G3SXW who, together with others, have developed a code for Hamradio operators.

You might ask why?.....but if you listen on the bands it is quite clear what they talk about.

The appalling behavior during DXpedition operations made them think and decided to make their thoughts

available to all hams in order to create better behaviour on the bands.

It's the 'DX Code of Practice 'and can be found here: www.dx-code.org/

Or click on the mascot below!

So, spread out the good word and both sides of the pile-up will benefit.





If you are a (new) ham and wonder about the do's and dont's on amateur bands you might wanto

read the following two:

So you wanto be a DXer? (by AA0MZ)


Operating Pratice (by ON4WW)


If you plan to go for a DXpedition check this out!





- 11 and 12 September, Worked All Europe contest/SSB!



Our first contest together from the PI4W contest location after the summer.

Season starts again and we are making up for several contests up till somewhere March 2011.

We plan to be active in the major contests like CQWW and WPX in SSB/CW and RTTY.

Add some 160 meter contests to that list and we have a full schedule!


This weekend it was the WAE-SSB contest and members started preparing Friday afternoon.

To save energy I planned to take some rest and be sharp to get in action when it would start, 0000z.

The set up would be two TRX's, one running and one multiplier station.

Antennas used were: 3 element yagi for 10/15/20 up 17 meters in the air, quarter wave vertical

for 40, dipole for 80 and a 3-band vertical for 10/15/20.

First night it was kind of a struggle to get stations their attention, S&P worked much better and we logged

really nice DX.

This was my first time in QTC traffic which can gain many points.

That went pretty good and it's fun, but hard work.

Around 0800z I went home as others took place behind the gear.

In the late afternoon I arrived again and I started on 20 meter but not before we took down the

Yagi which had a bad SWR.

This seemed to be a bad connection on the aluminum driven element, we definitely have to check those

next week!

It was wide open then to all directions like Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and North America.

It's fun to get calls from the West Coast, South America and Alaska same time and log more then 80 an hour.

Around 2145z I went home again and I could not be there the other day because of family obligations.

The others, PA8F, PD2JAM, NL-11607 and PD0LUR, were active Sunday till 2100z when they left home

after a very successful weekend.

We made 651 QSO's and worked nice DX, conditions being quite good at times.

It has been a while ago that I worked a KH2 on 15 meter!.....Willem NL-11607 did....thumbs up Willem!

The multiplier station was a welcome extra feature to keep us busy when more operators gathered at the station.

It delivered dozens of new multipliers too.

All together this was a great start for the season and we are looking forward to the end  of September

when we will be active in the CQWWRTTY contest again with PI4W.


The equipment used during this weekend:

- transceivers: FT-990, TS-850

- Antennas: yagi for 10/15/20, vertical for 10/15/20, dipole for 80 and a vertical for 40.

- Amplifiers: AL-811H, Yaesu FL-2100

Further a couple Heil headsets and foot-switches.

Operators PI4W: NL-11607, PA8F, PA3GVI, PD2JAM, PD0LUR


 Joop/PD2JAM, running station.


 Fred/PA8F, running station.


 Willem/NL-11607, multiplier station.


No picture available of Rob/PA3GVI and Stan/PD0LUR.




- 9 October 2010, Seawater antenna.


I came along this video on Youtube about a 'Seawater antenna' for HF/VHF/UHF.

Looks pretty cool...........one can use it as a shower aswell(hihi)!





- 8 September 2010, Malaysia evening!


There was a nice opening to zone 28 on 20 meter this evening.

I could quite easily work a few from West and East Malaysia.

First one in my log was Tex/9M2TO from West Malaysia on 20 meter/CW followed by Go/9M6YBG/8 from

East Malaysia, also in CW.

Little Later Tex switched to phone (14.218MHz) and I was able to work him just before the crowd jumped on him.

Tuning the band and halve an hour later I found Zaki/9M2ZAK in QSO with an European station.

I listened along with him and after he signed I quickly gave my call.

He responded instantly and I could log my 4th station from Malaysia for the evening, lovely!


 West and East Malaysia




- 5 September 2010, Pierre Tromp/ZS8M pictures.


To those who are into working the DXCC program Pierre/ZS8M is no longer a stranger as he currently is

on Marion Island, a rare entity, and is on air often to serve the radio community.

He is an adventurist, radio amateur and SAWDIS weather observer and responsible for the communication

on and from the Island.

For as far as I know, Pierre was/is only using a dipole now but received a yagi, and hopes to be heard better

around the globe.

I contacted Pierre for the HAM INTERVIEW page and his reaction was positive but he is waiting to find the

time to answers the questions.

In the meantime we e-mail back and forward, today with some pictures from the island inhabitants.

Great pictures, not ham related but I do wanto share them with you!










- 4 and 5 September 2010, field-day contest/fixed.



My friends from the PA1TK contest team would be active from Luxembourg this weekend in the VHF contest.

They already went there Wednesday to prepare, to set up all the towers with the yagi's and equipment.

As I have no 144 MHz antenna at home I planned to go to our contest station and try to work them from

there with the duo-band vertical for 144/433 MHz.

Stan, Dick and Joop were there already as they were active in a RTTY contest.

At first I heard Theo-LX/PA1TK/p very weak and could not get through but after we putt up a 4 elements

yagi in a portable 11 meter high tower we soon made the contact.

Good activity on 144 MHz and we heard several stations from France, Germany and the UK.


In the evening I decided to give away a couple points in the SSB field-day which was on this weekend.

Fixed stations can only work portable stations, 80 meter was the band with the most contacts.

Went on the next morning, pulling the plug after I logged 150 contacts.




- 1 September 2010, 15 meter contacts!


I was at my friends place and could use the equipment for a bit more then an hour.

The 15 meter band seemed wide open to the Pacific area and Asia.

It all went very smooth with Peter's wide space yagi, FT9000D and the amplifier.

Stations I logged were:


- 9M6JC from East-Malaysia in SSB

- YC9AOS from Indonesia in SSB

- 3B8FQ from Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean) in CW

- 9M6DXX from East Malaysia in SSB

- YB5OUB from Indonesia in SSB

- KH2/N2NL from Guam Island (Pacific Ocean) in CW

- JA2NVM from Japan in SSB

- JA3GSM from Japan in SSB

- T6LR from Afghanistan in SSB




- 30 and 31 August 201, AL9A...nice signal!


I logged two Dutch special event stations, PA100SRS and PA65VERON.

Peter/PJ4NX was active on 17 meter from the Radio Netherlands site on Bonaire to test the balun for our

activities in October.

The large antennas have a take off angle of about 7 degrees and 21 dB gain!

But I had heavy noise on this band and evendo numerous spots praised his signal I could barely hear him.

Finally he came up out of the noise and I made the contact, only getting 52 from Peter.


On the 31st AL9A from Alaska showed up in the early evening on 20 meter/SSB.

I heard him talk to another Dutch amateur and quickly gave my call when he had moved up 5 KHz.

Gary was very loud, a real 59, and we had a nice talk for a couple minutes.

After we signed he soon was into a big pile up and had to go work split.




- 28 and 29 August 2010, YO-HF-DX contest.


There were two of my interest this weekend and ofcourse I could have made contacts in both as I often do!

But I didn't wanto switch back and forward between logs and because of my love for CW I choose to be

active in the YO-HF-DX contest only.

Besides, I could train my CW skills for the upcoming trip to the Caribbean (PJ4/Bonaire Island).

It went very well with nice runs from NA-stations on 40 and 20 meter.

During the contest I heard BY1RX/VO1AU again but this time on 40 meter in CW.

He was not into the contest but I could not resist making a contact, China on 40/CW..in the log!

Long story short, I made 500 QSO's..enjoyed the experience.


Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   Sec
   3,5      38       95   19     3
   7       203     652   30   22
   14     247     789   36   20
   21         2         6     2     0

Total    490   1542   87   45

Claimed Score : 203.544 Points




- 23 to 28 August 2010.


Spend much time listening on the bands without making much DX contacts.

Instead, I played around on 40 meter in phone at daytime, talking with the lads from the UK.

Signals were strong at times but often suffered under heavy QSB.

Had an evening chat with my friend Dick/PA3GLF who cannot stop the experiments with antennas, can you?:)

Dick is very keen with antennas and help me out very often when we were building antennas for contests.

He has great knowledge and we pulled up on each other when making weird designs.(I recall PACC 2006)


Picture: PACC 2006


The only DX contacts I made were with YV5FCK from Venezuela, FM5LD from Martinique Island (both on 40/CW),

VK7GK from Tasmania (40/SSB) and BY1RX/VO1AU in China(20/CW).




- 21 and 22 Augustus 2010.


Two contests this weekend, made 50 contacts in both.


SARTG contest RTTY      

Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   Sec
    14      50     535   26    2
Total      50     535   26    2

Claimed Score : 14.980 Points


RDA contest CW            

Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts   Cty   Sec
    7     CW     16       160     0    16
   14    CW     38        380    0    38

Total  Both    54       540     0    54

Claimed  Score : 29.160 Points




- 18 August 2010, Bonaire2010 website online!


The Bonaire2010 website is on air at: www.bonaire2010.com

Kelly/N0VD did a great job so far and more items will be added like online logs and such.

But it looks pretty neath already...don't you think?




- 16 August 2010, Salleh/V85DX.


While working on a tuning project in the shack I listened to Salleh/V85DX from Brunei on 20 meter/phone.

I think I never heard a V8 station this loud, 59++ and he was into a nice simplex pile up.

I let the camera run for a while.........watch the vid!





- 14 and 15 August 2010, WAE-DX-CW contest.


Through the weekend I made 200 QSO's in the WAE-DX-CW contest.

Used bands were 20 and 40 meter, nice DX and pretty good conditions on 40, specially on the 14th.

Some of the highlights:

- FM5CD (Martinique Island), H7A (Nicaragua), PW7T (Brazil), 7Z1HL (Saudi Arabia),5K1R (Colombia),

  A71EM (Qatar), 9M8DX ( East Malaysia), BD2SH/7 (China), LS1D (Argentina), VU2PTT (India),

  ZM2B (New Zealand).


 The sored points:

 Band   Q/QTC  QSOs    Pts    Cty
     7      QSO     128     128     90
   14      QSO       72       72     54
Total      All      200     200   144

Claimed Score : 28.800 Points




- 11 August 2010, Press release October 2010...Bonaire Island.



In October 2010 there will most likely be a change in DXCC status for the Netherlands Antilles.

More then a year ago we discussed about going there for this reason but things bounced then and we had

to wait till the goverment had everything sorted out and planned.

Now it is at least sure that the three of uss, Fred/PA8F, Peter/PA8A and myself, will go there in October.

As we were not the only ones to go there we joined forces and soon a plan was made by Peter/PJ4NX.

There will be a website on air soon at www.bonaire2010.com and there will be online logs etc when active

from the Island.

You can read the press release below:


Press Release: 10-10-2010, New DXCC activation of PJ4, Bonaire Date: 11 August, 2010


The end of a country - The Netherlands Antilles

With a 99% certainty, many things are about to change for the people and all radio amateurs in the Netherlands Antilles.

On October 10, 2010 the Netherlands Antilles will cease to exist as a country within the Kingdom of the

Netherlands and the islands will emerge with several new statuses:

  1.  St. Maarten and Curaçao will become an independent country within the Kingdom and will be granted the same status that Aruba attained in 1986.
  2.  Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius (also called BES islands) will be given the status of a public body (a kind of special municipality) in the Netherlands and will therefore fall directly under Dutch rule.

What does this mean for radio amateurs?

The two current DXCC entities of PJ2/PJ4 (Leeward Islands) and PJ5/PJ6/PJ7 (Windward Islands) are expected to be deleted.

However, several new entities are likely to emerge on 10-10-2010.

  1.  Both St. Maarten (PJ7) and Curacao (PJ2) will become a new DXCC entity.
  2.  Bonaire (PJ4) will become a new DXCC entity.
  3.  Saba (PJ6) along with St. Eustatius (PJ5) will become a single DXCC entity due to their proximity to each other.

In short, 2 entities will be disappearing, but 4 will come back!

Activities from Bonaire 

Everyone knows what an activation of a new DXCC country means and that’s why a group of hams from Bonaire, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States have joined forces to successfully activate Bonaire.

From six locations around the island, a group of between 15 and 20 amateurs will activate Bonaire between October 10-24, 2010. The primary focus will be all HF bands from 160 to 10 meters including the WARC bands. Due to the time of year, 6 meters will not likely produce much activity, but it will be a consideration. The team will focus on all modes including SSB, CW and various digital modes.

Call signs 

Callsigns will be announced prior to the activation. However, we expect the prefix to continue to be PJ4 even after October 10th. Further information about the callsigns to be used will be published on our website - www.bonaire2010.com.

Radio Netherlands 

With 6 locations around the island, there should be plenty of opportunity for a QSO. However, our premiere location is that of the short-wave transmitter site, Radio Netherlands. Bonaire is home to a large relay station and its impressive aerial park which provides up to 21 dBd gain. We are extremely pleased to announce that with the co-operation of the World Service, our group of hams has been granted use of the antennas during their "dead hours" on the HF bands.

In addition to our other locations, we anticipate being active on HF daily between 12:30 and 18:30 UTC from the Radio Netherlands facility. We expect to utilize this opportunity on 30, 20, 15 and 17 meters. Radio Netherlands is also expected to air a special program dedicated to the new status of the radio amateurs on Sunday, October 10th.

More information will be available on the Radio Netherlands’ website (www.rnw.nl) or on the DXpedition website - www.bonaire2010.com.

Contacts with schools 

Between October 11th-15th, the World Service’s facility will also serve another purpose. A group of schoolchildren from Bonaire will be contacting another group of children in the Netherlands who will be the guest of Dutch ham PD1DX. This will provide an opportunity for the group of new Dutch country citizens to ask each other questions in order to get to know one other a little bit better.

QSL cards 

All QSOs will be QSL’d through the services of Global QSL who will be responsible for printing and distributing cards to all QSL bureaus worldwide.

If you do not use a QSL bureau or would like to send for a direct confirmation, all QSL information will be published on our website – www.bonaire2010.com.

Website with online log 

Up to date information will be published on our website - www.bonaire2010.com

Information on Bonaire, sponsors, activation plans and the participants will be listed.

In addition, we expect to have an on-line log.

Given the expected pile-ups, we kindly ask everyone who works us after 10-10-2010 and who finds themselves in the log not to call again. We want to give a new country to as many people as possible.

Participating hams 

At the time of release of this bulletin the following amateurs will join the activation: Bonaire : PJ4GT, PJ4LS, PJ4NX

Germany : DL9USA, DJ8NK

Netherlands : PA8A, PA8F, PA3GVI, PE2MC, PE2KY, PG4M

United States : K6AM, N0VD, W4PA, W0LSD

Puerto Rico : WP3UX This list is subject to change. For the latest news about the participants, please visit our website.

See you in the pile-ups on 10-10-2010!




- 7 August 2010, contesting and visiting PA6BIG.


I started the day with the TARA GRID contest which is a PSK/RTTY contest where you exchange name and grid.

This is not one of the big RTTY contests and activity was very low, at this time of the day anyway!

It took me a couple hours to log 50 QSO's.


 Antennas at PA6BIG.


Today I planned a visit to the Breukelense Interest Group, PA6BIG.

Every year they have an activity weekend where they have a broad set up with radio activity.

This year they had a SDR Transceiver, the Flex-1500, satellite communication and a lot more.

When I drove up to the car park I could already see the antenna's which were installed on a field next to the

ice-club building.

All where having coffee and after shaking hands I soon had one myself.

I was interested in the SDR radio as I read a couple articles about these Flex radios, or should I say computers?

Looked pretty neat, specially on the big screen but I must confess I still rather have an old fashion radio where

I can touch knobs and rotate the Dial.

Lemmy/PC2LR bought the piece just a couple weeks ago and was very satisfied about the performance, taking

the time to show me the different great features of the radio, Impressive!

I chatted with other members and soon I noticed that the time had gone pretty fast.

Time to go home because I wanted to join the European HF Championship contest which would start at 1200z.


 Enough to see!


 Flex 1500 set up.


I was late, it already started but soon I was into the crowd making the first QSO's.

Went pretty well on 20 meter with nice runs from 180 QSO's an hour.

This went on for 1,5 hour when I switched to 10 meter to see if there was any activity there.

Not that busy but busy enough to stay on this band for about an hour.

Then I went on to 40 meter where all hell broke loose, nice pile ups and good runs that make your heartbeat rise.

I went to 80 and 20 meter for a while but conditions seemed best on 40, that's where I stayed for the rest of the

evening until I was to tired to stay awake.

Called it a day at 2130z with 316 QSO's in the log.


Here are the summary's of both contests, clicking the red header will lead you to their website!



Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts    Grd
   7      RTTY      14      14      14
 14      RTTY     36       36      29
 Total  Both    50       50      43

 Claimed Score : 2.150 Points



EU-HF Championship 2010:

Band      Mode  QSOs    Pts    Sec
   3,5      CW        21        21      18
   7         CW      177      177      51
  14       CW       100      100       41
  28       CW         18        18       12
  Total  Both    316     316      122

 Claimed Score : 38.552 Points




- 3 August 2010, JY4CI in RTTY.


I had a short contact with my friend VU2PAI from India this evening on 20 meter in phone.

It had been quite some time ago since we last spoke and so I was delighted to hear him loud and clear.

Unfortunately conditions were not all that stable and I think that I was less strong on his side then I heard him.

So we didn't make it that long, dropped him an e-mail after the contact to check how he has been.


RTTY is my second favorite mode to operate and this evening I heard JY4CI from Jordan on 14.080 MHz.

Great thing about this mode is that you don't need high power to make worldwide contacts.

He was listening up at 14.086 MHz which is quite an unusual split for this mode.

Anyway, I gave it a go with 50 watts into the dipole and after a couple calls he heard me!

Don't think I had worked Jordan on RTTY before.

Below, the screen shot of the contact.





- 3 August 2010, an envelope from Brazil!!


After 2 attempts via airmail (10$)and one via the OQRS system (5$ via Paypal on their website ) I got an

e-mail from Felipe/PY1NB that he received my request for the ZY0T card.

Last week he notified me that the card was on it's way to Europe and today it finally arrived.

Pffff, it took me 15 $ in total but it's one of the few needed countries (19 to go).








- 27 to 31 July 2010.


Stations that came into my log last few days:


- YN4SU From Nicaragua on 40/CW

- PJ2/PE2B from Curacao on 40/SSB

- P4/PG4DX from Aruba Island on 40/RTTY

- FM5DN from Martinique Island on 40/SSB

- SX8R from Greece on 40/CW

- SV8/OK6DJ from Greece on 40/CW

- EX2A from Kyrgyzstan on 20/CW

- K4C from Puerto Rico on 40/SSB/RTTY

- DL1DTS from Germany on 20/RTTY

- DL7UWJ from Germany on 20/RTTY

- SP6PZG from Poland on 20/RTTY




 - 24 and 25 July 2010, RSGB IOTA contest.



This is a nice contest if you are into the IOTA program and like working exotic DX.

Good activity on Saturday but much less conditions on Sunday morning.

I heard NH2T from Guam Island on Saturday and he was quite strong but couldn't get though the

hugh 'pile up'.

KH6MB was just a whisper on Sunday and just a few Japanese stations were heard.

Never the less, I made 300 QSO's and had fun!


RSGB-IOTA 2010 score:


 Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
    3,5  CW      42      270      8
       7  CW     100     624    20
    14   CW     158     786    20
Total  Both   300    1680   48

Claimed Score : 80.640 Points




- 23 July 2010, a night with DX.


I was up early, around 0100z, and I could not get asleep again.

I went out to check the bands, they were in good shape, still heard a couple on 20 meter in CW and phone.

First one in my log was VE3ZZ/VY2 and decided to putt out a CQ on 14.007 MHz.

I was quite surprised when I heard V21C From Antigua Island coming back to my call.

Not the regular '5NN' this time but a decent longer QSO, really nice....thank you Dave!

Others that called in were; W7XA, KM5PS, SP9FV and K3LU.

In the meantime kept an eye on the cluster and saw interesting stations active on 40 meters.

First one on 40 meters in the log this morning was KP4ATF from Costa-Rica, this was in phone.

Minutes later followed by CN8NK and IS0E, both in CW.

Took a short break and went into action again to log V31BD from Belize(CW) and TF/DF6QV from Iceland(SSB).

I had seen C6AMS for some time spotted on 80 in CW and tried to work him there after I worked him on 20 the

other day.This did not go all that easy but he was very patient with me when I had to repeat the call more

then 8 times using only 100 watts.

He finally got the call and we quickly exchanged reports.

I logged 4 others on 40 meter after the short trip to 80.

First there was HK1T from Colombia, he finally got louder and not that busy anymore, so I quickly got him

on 40/SSB.

KB3UHN calling on 7.188 MHz, very loud and not difficult at all, I got 59 from Victor.

6Y1X spotted on 7.264 MHz, that's a bit to high up the band, remember..Region-1 goes to 7.200 MHZ.

As he spotted himself on the cluster a bit earlier I tried to get him below 7.200 MHZ via the cluster.

He relayed on several other requests and showed up on 7.182 were I was one of the first to work him.

Another 30 minutes later I heard 5N7M, very weak but he heard me(40/CW).

What a night!




- 22 July 2010, 'I love HAMRADIO'.


Got an offer for a free T-shirt with personal design on it.

Received that a couple days ago, took a picture today!.....(don't pay attention to the belly,HIHI).





- 22 July 2010, ARRL endoresment and certificates!


My good friend Peter was so kind to take my cards to friedrichshaben to have them checked at the


Main goal was to get the endoresment for DXCC-MIXED, I had 275 and would upgrade to 319.

So, today I got the ARRL confirmation and to my surprise there were 3 more certificates and a couple pins.


New certificates:


DXCC-20 meter:










Endoresment for DXCC-MIXED:



Time to get a couple frames and putt them on the wall!




- 20 to 22 July 2010.


Two contacts with Martin/KH6MB from Hawaii this morning (21th), on 20 in CW and RTTY.

I worked Martin quite often, mainly on 20 meter in CW and RTTY.

Only once I worked him on 40 meter in CW, that was in March 2009.

Martin uses a simple antenna concept for 20 meters, a 2 elements vertical yagi which is supported

by fiberglass masts.

He is always strong here into Europe and making a contact is not that difficult, even with a modest station.

Have a look on the antenna picture and watch him during the ARRL International DX contest (2008).




Others that I logged were:


- TF/DJ2VO on 20/CW (Iceland)

- XT2EME on 20/SSB (Burkina Faso)

- 5V7DX on 20/CW (Togo)

- OH0/DK1MAX on 6/CW (Aland island)

- JV5A on 20/SSB (Mongolia)

- JT1BV on 20/SSB (Mongolia)

- J28AA on 20/CW (Djibouti)

- T6MB on 20/RTTY (Afghanistan)

- ZS6X on 20/CW (South-Africa)

- IS0E on 20/SSB (Sardinia Island)

- V85SS on 20/CW (Brunei)

- SV8/OK6DJ on 20/CW (Greece)

- C6AMS on 20/CW (Bahamas)




- 17 and 18 July 2010.


Holiday is nice and I did not really miss the radio when we were there.

But I was glad to hear the sounds again, coming from the FT-2000, when I switched it on same evening

we returned home.

In the weekend I made a couple contacts:

- V31UQ from Belize on 40/CW

- KP2/AA1BU from US-Virgin Islands on 40/SSB(my good friend Joe)

- TI5/KU0DM from Costa Rica on 40/CW

- VP5/W5CW from Turks & Caicos Islands on 40/CW

- PH9HB/AM more then 10 Km above France on 20/SSB

- SM7/PA3DAT from Sweden on 20 SSB

- C31CT from Andorra on 20/RTTY




- 17 July 2010.


I just returned home from a 2 week holiday in Luxembourg with the family and found an envelop with an


I was active in the YO-DX contest in 2009 and got 1st place Netherlands in SO-SB-40m.

Don't know how many were active from here in the same section but who cares,haha!





- 28 June 2010, Chinese tubes.....food for thought!



In November 2009 I had to replace my 572B's in the AL-811 amplifier for new 811's.

The 572B's had been in there for more then 10 years(!) and served me well.

I read posts about the bad quality with tubes on the market these days but thought it would be ok when

I would order them at the Ameritron dealer.

At least, they should be aware of tubes being of good quality, am I right?

Now, six months later I got problems with the tubes again and I was lucky when Fred/PA8F mentioned

he had 3 spare ones, matched tubes.

We installed them last week and they work well but the amplifier got quite hot when I was in a

CW-contest 2 hours.

I also mounted an extra blower for better cooling which can do them no harm.

Ofcourse, 572B's have higher voltage and anode dissipation ratings then the 811's, so that could be the


But still, It makes you wonder about the quality of these Chinese(?)811 tubes.

I really would not know what would be a good buy and from who?!

I did post a question on several forums and one of the replies was from Charles/KC8VMW, which you

can read below.

Without judging, as I am not an expert in this case, I think his comments make sense as you can see

on the pictures.

Reading the discussion on the Internet about tubes manufactured these days I have drawn the conclusion

that buying good quality tubes is not as easy as you would expect.

I also think in the end, that 572B's would be better then 811's,but finding good ones will be a big guess!


Charles/KC8VMW wrote:


Hi Rob, the truth is, the days are gone when you could get "good" 811 and 572b tubes. We are all now forced to compromise. All the tubes on the market are from similar, namely Chinese manufacturing sources.
In the broad sense we simply say they have "Quality Control Issues" but what does that imply or mean exactly?...
Here's the inside scoop and a short online tour of the factory where they actually make them. You will note the 572b's can be seen in several photo's near the bottom of this page:


After seeing these photo's, can you potentially identify any quality control issues? (besides the idea this isn't exactly the sterile Intel facility environment. )

Questions to ask yourself while doing the plant tour:

-What about the hand made way they are constructing the filaments?

-Would you suspect this method would ensure every 811/572b tube is constructed to exacting standards and specifications using these methods?

-Would you suspect natural oils occurring from people's skin is contaminating the filaments and might lead to premature failure? - but I could be wrong.

-What about the amount of time they are "fired?" Could some be fired at different lengths of time? - others more? - others less? - variations in temperature occurring from different manufacturing equipment etc.?

-Do they appear to be thrown into plastic bins and are huddled together in no particular fashion?

-Does such handling methods subject them to excessive shock and vibration? Would this result in any quality control issues?

-Does the machinery they use to press the anode caps on the top of the b72b tubes have the potential to cause broken seals / lost vacuum issues etc.?

-Is such manual pressure applied to the anode caps always different according to operator "feel" and not actually measured? (lack of any digital gauges or displays)

-Do you suspect the equipment is regularly and properly calibrated?

The bottom line is it's really no longer about the "quality" but rather you have to try to focus on the warranty you get with the purchased product.

Hope that helps.

73 de Charles - KC8VWM




- 23 to 27 June 2010.


Let me mention some of the highlights from the past week.

The 20 meter band was open to the Pacific and West-Coast during the early morning hours.

I worked KH7XS, KH6MB, W7SW, K6XX, and this condition is mainly in a two hour window.

Further logged 5N7M in the same period on the 24th.

In the weekend of the 26th and 27th I was active in the Marconi Memorial CW-contest, making 150 QSO's.




- 19 and 20 June 2010, All Asian DX contest (CW).



A full 48 hour contest this weekend and I would be there for the fun.

I worked many UA9 and UA0 stations but a nice row of Japanese stations too.

Conditions seemed quite OK on Saturday cause the JA's could be worked through the whole day and evening.

I had only 100 watts this time as my AL-811 amplifier is out of work, to be repaired next week.

This worked surprisingly well and I was even more surprised to be the only one calling XU7TAS (Cambodia).

Normally he would have a big pile going and it is not a DXCC you hear every day as well.

I completed my goal, working at least 100 stations, Sunday morning when conditions were much less.

Rest of the day we were out for a family visit.


Besides a number of Ja's I worked: JT5DX (Mongolia), TA2ZF (Turkey), XU7TAS (Cambodia),

A65BD and A65BP (UAE), 9M2CNC (West Malaysia), TA2/DL2JRM (Turkey).




- 7 to 16 June 2010, higher band conditions getting better and better!


We definitely see the conditions on the higher bands improve as we are on our way with suncycle #24.

As I am even more home because of my fight against cancer I find distraction in hamradio and have the

radio on, several times through the day.

In the last weeks I mainly focused on 10 meter, which is in good shape from time to time.

The 2x15,5 meter inverted V with 450 Ohms twin-lead ofcourse is not a very good antenna for this band but

I got nice CW/RTTY and phone contacts added to my log.

Most of them being European stations via ES but also Stateside and Brazil in CW.

Some contacts have to be real short as the QSB can be fierce and stations that were 59(599) when called

can be gone on the next over.

It made me think and so I grabbed my old paper logbook to see what I worked at the top of Cycle #23.

Amazing contacts with Hawaii and other continents passed by.......what a time that was!

It's time I putt those radials onto the 3 band vertical which is already up the chimney!!!!

Just cannot set myself to that yet.........




- 3 to 5 June 2010, CW-Fieldday at PI4W/p.


We started on Friday evening just after 1500z with installing antennas and building the tent.

To support the 3 element yagi for 10/15/20 meter we did not have the same structure available as the

last few years so we figured out a new way to get the yagi up high enough.

In December we bought a very rough 3 inches thick Polish army tower with sections of 2 meters long to

make the 160 meter vertical.

This should be strong enough, ofcourse we did not use the full lenght of 26 meters but 18 meters.

This turned out very well and the same evening we also mounted the 40 meter 1/4 wave vertical, this is

done so many times, it takes just 30 minutes.

The only thing left on Saturday morning was to putt the two dipoles for 80 and 160 meter up in the air and

install our equipment in the tent.

I was there around 1300z and they were still busy with the dipoles but that turned out really well within the


The contest went very well and it was such fun to see 15 and 10 meter well open, it was mainly short skip

on 10 and some DX on 15, like YB and VK.

I left around 2000z and was back again the other morning at 0400z for another shift.

This was until 1000z when I left, quite exhausted but satisfied.

They finally stopped about an hour later when they had 800 QSO's in the log because of the bad weather predictions.

Breakdown went well and Field-day had come to an end again.

The weekend has been really nice with many people that helped out one way or another, including Nan and

Vera, who did the catering during the 3 day event.

So, thanks friends for being there,...was a super weekend!


Videos have been posted on Youtube by my mate and crew-member Stan/PD0LUR:


Video 1:


Video 2:


Pictures of the event can be found on the page of Edouard/PE1FRS and on our club webpage:









- 4 June 2010, CW-Fielday!


Coming weekend the PI4W crew will be active again from the field during the Region 1/ Cw-fieldday.

We will be setting up towers, which hold a yagi and wire dipoles, and a 1/4 vertical for 40 meter.

Our shack will be our brand new tent (6x3 meter) and weather predictions are good, sunny and 23 C.

Please look for us on the bands, we will use PI4W/p.




- 30 and 31 May 2010, WPX contest.


Fred/PA6F and myself wanted to be active from the K3-seacontainer but unfortunetly this had to be

canceled for me.

But I could be active several hours during the weekend making 461 QSO's in total.




- 7 to 27 May 2010.


Not much active last few weeks but I played the radio once and a while.


Made contacts in the following contests:

- CQ-M contest: 101 QSO's

- King of Spain contest: 350 QSO's (worked EA0JC: King Juan Carlos!!)

- UN-DX contest: 200 QSO's


I also received the ZK3YA card, DXCC#318 confirmed.




- 6 May 2010, LX/PA3GVI/p.


Remember I was in Luxembourg for a VHF contest with Theo/PA1TK in May 2009?

We used my call sign that time instead of Theo's and surprise..surprise...this turned out to be a good score!

Below the certificate and the movie of our stay in LX.







- 2 to 5 May 2010, A31A card.


I played the radio for some time spread over the weekend and made 101 QSO's in the ARI-DX contest.


I also received the A31A card, I needed Tonga for my DXCC and I worked him in the CQWWCW-2009.

This is DXCC #317 confirmed(have 319 worked..waiting for ZK3YA and ZY0T cards).






 - 1 May 2010, recovering.


As I am recovering from an operation I have not kept my website up to date, last few weeks.

So, there were no log updates or DX-info magazines published at all.

I hope to be back 100% soon.


In the last week ahead to my operation I worked following stations:

- 3B8MM on 15/SSB (Mauritius Island)

- 3B8/SP2JMB on 15/CW (Mauritius Island)

- TF/PD9DX (Iceland)

- DV1DIN on 20/SSB (Philippines Islands)

- 5N50K on 20/CW (Nigeria)

- KH7XS on 20/SSB (Hawaii Island)

- KH6MB on 20/CW (Hawaii island)

- 9M2MT on 20/RTTY (West Malaysia)

- OD5/DL6SN on 20/CW ( Lebanon)




- 5 to 11 April 2010.


You can see that we are already taking benefit of the new solar-cycle and the pre-summer conditions.

Higher bands, 10 and 15 meter, are open again (at times) and 20 meter stays longer open during the evenings.

On the 5th, I worked 5N7M from Nigeria on 10 meter in phone, he was very loud!

In the evening of the 11th the 20 meter band was wide open to the South part of Asia.

I heard 9M6JC very loud in phone on 20 phone and worked V85SS from Brunei in CW.

I snagged YB0DJ/Erwin from Indonesia and 3W6C from Vietnam in SSB on 20 meter the same evening.

Further worked: YI9PSE on 20/CW/SSB, a DX-pedition to Kurdistan in Iraq by an international team.

Two Dutch amateurs are active fron Ghana as 9G1AA, got them on 20/SSB!

On the 10th worked KP4JFR from Puerto Rico on 20/RTTY.




- 4 April 2010, PG5M Pacific-tour story.


Gerben/PG5M was in the Pacific from 6 to 27 September 2009.

I worked Gerben as 3D2GM (Fiji) when I was portable in North-Luxembourg on 20/CW.

When back home, I worked him as T2G (Tuvalu) on 20/CW, a new DXCC for me!

Just click the picture below for the full story!





- 1 April 2010, new card for DXCC!


I received the K4M QSL-card today!

I made the contact with Midway Island in October 2009 on 30 meter/CW.

This was an entity I needed for DXCC, # 316 confirmed, have 319 worked.





- 27 and 28 March 2010, CQWPXSSB with PI4W.


This weekend I could only operate the first 8 hours of the contest from our contest location.

Fred/PA8F, Willem/NL11607 and myself started Saturday at 0000z on 40 meter.

The band was crowded with stations and at times it was difficult to find a clear spot.

But we managed to work nice DX and the 1/4 wave vertical seemed to perform the way it should.

On this band we were called by stations from Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela and the Caribbean area.

Little later, 80 and 160 went well too with nice runs.

Unfortunately I had a busy schedule for the rest of the weekend so I left around 0800z on Saturday morning.

Others shifted through the weekend, don't have a good sight on Who/Where/When!

We did not run this contest in Multi/two as we usually do because to many had other commitments.

So, Multi/one it was with a nice results, mainly because of the other guys effort.


  Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX

  1,8      48     100   22

  3,5     208     487  162

  7       183     449   96

  14      268     502  132

  21      141     267   55

  28        2        6    1

Total     850    1811  468


Claimed Score: 847.548 Points




- 22 to 26 March 2010, DX worked.


Here's a line up of the stations I worked between 22 and 26 March.


- CR1Z from the Azores on 20/CW

- CN8QY from Morocco on 20/SSB

- 5C2J from Morocco on 20/SSB

- UA0ZC from Asiatic Russia on 30/CW

- CO3JN from Cuba on 20/RTTY

- VO1DGP from Canada on 20/SSB

- XV2RZ from Vietnam on 40/CW and 20/CW

- S79GM from the Seychelles on 40/CW

- 8Q7QX from the Maldives on 40/CW

- 8P5A from Barbados on 40/SSB

- FM/KL7WA from Martinique on 40/CW

- KG9N from the USA on 40/CW

- HR2/NP3D from Honduras on 40/RTTY/SSB

- SV8/SV1JG from Greece on 40/CW

- TR8CA from Gabon on 40/CW




- 16 March 2010, 2th place PACC contest with PA8A!



Theo/PA1TK had send me an e-mail with some of the PACC contest scores.

Remember, I participated from Peter's place(PA8A) and we were active as Multi/One-High-Mixed.

Having a look on the website it showed second place, right after PI4TUE with 346430 Points.


  1.        PI4TUE     505344
  2.          PA8A     346430
  3.          PA6V     281333
  4.          PA6W     264803
  5.        PI4RCK     217616
  6.          PI4F     189468
  7.         PI4CG     162279
  8.         PI9TP     160556
  9.        PI4VPO     152766
 10.        PI4WFL      68580
 11.        PI4VHW      65844
 12.       PI65VLI      55488
 13.        PI4THT      39208
 14.        PI4WAL      38897
 15.        PI4DHG      37440
 16.        PI9SRS      29299
 17.        PA0PSA      29241
 18.        PI4DHV      27937
 19.        PA3HCM      24720
 20.        PI4VRI      17136
 21.        PI4ZAZ      14649
 22.          PI4W      11741
 23.        PA1BBO       8517




- 14 March 2010.


I was up late and made two contacts on 40 meter.

The first was with PJ6/N4GRN on Saba Island in phone and the other one in CW with TO5SM from

Saint Martin Island.


Later that day an envelope fell on my door mat with a card from St. Helena Island.

I made the contact with ZD7FT on 24-9-2009 on 20 meter in SSB.





- 10 March 2010, FT5WO card!


I received the card from Flo/FT5WO who has been active from Crozet Island.

I thought I made a contact and did send the card, later ..I found out I was not in his log, to bad :((.

However, he returned a card for my 'SWL'report.

Glad to have it cause it is definitely a rare one for my collection.






- 9 March 2010, Nukunonu Island......another one bites the dust!




Yesterday two ZK3 stations appeared on HF, one on 30 and the other on 20 meter, both in CW.

I went to Peter's place because I could not hear them on my dipole.

Signal on 20 was quite weak and the same on 30 meter and I could not make the contact then.

I was out early today, as usual, and saw ZK3YA on 14.003 MHz.

I listened for him but again, not a whisper.

I did hear another PA station calling so I assumed he could be heard in our country and would he audible

at Peter's place as well.

I called in and of course I was welcome.

So, I grabbed my paddle and jumped the car for the 5 minute drive.

We listened on 20 meter and there he was, loud and clear.

After a couple calls he got 'PA3VI', so I gave the complete call again and gave him the report.

He corrected my call and I was in his log.

Tokelau Islands....a rare one and a new DXCC for me!! .........DXCC#319!

Up the band I found 5W5A, another one from the Pacific.

Quite busy pile going up a couple KHz, but I got through quite easily again.

I decided to call 'CQ' in SSB on 14.201 MHz as it seemed wide open into the Pacific Area.

Hiro/JA1JXD from Japan was the first to respond followed by Bruno/FK8IL from New Caledonia.

Nice contacts and I got 59 from both stations, they were 57 to 59 on the FTdx9000D.

After signing Ian/VK5IS called in, not as strong as the others but still a Q5 copy, he was only using a dipole.

After some coffee we heard H44MS on 17 meter in SSB, woow ..what a signal!

Peter made the contact and then had to go for 15 minutes leaving me alone with the radio.

Taking my car out of the way took a bit to long as H44MS was gone by the time I was back.

But I heard Bob/VP8LP a bit up the band, I worked Bob a few days earlier from Peter's shack and

again he was very strong.

We exchanged reports and of he went again entering a big pile up.

I decided to putt some calls out with JI3PIA returning.

He was weak, just above my noise, but never the less we could exchange reports and names to

complete the QSO.

In the meantime it was time to go home and make lunch for my youngest which would come back from

school soon.

A wonderful morning with a new country worked!

In the afternoon I printed the QSO sticker and send the card of for a journey to California, the QTH of one

of the operators which were active from Tokelau Islands(ZK3).

Bon Voyage!





- 6 March 2010, visiting DR1A contest-station.


Today I went to Germany with the PI4W crew for a visit to DR1A contest-station.

Four of us left around 0900z and hooked up with the others after we contacted on 433 MHz.

All in good spirit and enjoyed a cup of coffee when we were halve way.

Just past 1100z we were there and already saw a bunch of people in between the high towers.

We wondered around and couldn't find the entrance to the shacks.

So, we joined the people in the field and that's were we met our host Gerard/PA1TX.

He would show us the station with all the towers and different operating positions.

I must say they have done a great job!

Very impressive antennas, low loss coax and set up of receiving and  transmitting facilities.

It was really nice to have a peek on serious contesting for #1!

After the visit we all went for a nice dinner.

We went home satisfied, looking back on a wonderful day in good company!




...nice license plate!


DR1A antennas.


The 40 meter shack.


PI4W on German ground.





- 2 to 6 March 2010.


On the 2Th I was at Peter's place and could work some DX.

Station that I logged were:

- VP8LP/Bob, he was really very strong, 59++, and had a hugh pile up going!




- 1B/G0MDZ

- 7Z1CQ

All were worked on 17 meter in phone.


On the 5Th I logged YB0DJ on 20/SSB and VX3XN on 20/CW.

A day later I could snag 6Y5WJ from Jamaica on 80/CW.





- 24 and 25 February 2010.


I made 3 contacts total these two days.

QSO's were made into the Caribbean and Central America region on 80 meter in CW.


- J37BO






- 23 February 2010.


I was up early and worked a couple from across the Ocean on 40 meter, SSB and CW.

First to enter the log was YN2TX from Nicaragua(SSB) followed by V31RR from Belize, N5XZ from the USA

and KP4CPC from Puerto Rico (CW).

Still on 40 meter, I heard TX4T from the French Polynesia, operated by Nigel/G3TXF, Gilles/VE2TZT,

Jacques/F6BEE and Phil/FO8RZ.

They were barely readable and the pile up was fierce, I could not get through.

About 20 minutes later they were gone again.


Today I also implanted a HTML code which can search through my log from March 2005 up till now.

I had to register first to 'CLUB LOG' and upload my log, all went very smooth.


So, from now on I have the online log search and you can see if you are in my log or not.

My log search can be found in the left side menu or by clicking this.





- 20 and 21 February 2010, ARRL-DX-CW.


Had to work on Saturday but in the evening and night I could be active in the ARRL-DX-CW contest.

For the people who are not familiar to contesting, in this contest DX can only work the USA and Canada.

Multipliers being the different States and the Canadian provinces.

It went very well on 40 meter, with the 400 watts into the Dipole I got calls from the East to the West coast.

I made 400 QSO's in this contest and had to stop just after dinnertime on Sunday evening.

Worked states:

3,5 MHz: CT, ME, NH, NJ, NY, MD, PA, NC, AR, ON. (10 of 63 multipliers)

7    MHz: CO, IA, MN, MO, CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, NJ, NY, MD, PA, AL, FL, GA, NC, TN, VA, AR, LA, MS, NM, TX,

               AZ, NV, MI, OH, IL, IN, WI, NB, NS, ON, PEI. (37 of 63 multipliers)

14  MHz: ME, NH, RI, VT, NJ, NY, AL, FL, GA, NC, TN, VA, AR, LA, TX, AZ, NV, MI, OH, IL, IN, WI, ON, PEI, KY,

              CA, MT, OR, UT, WA, AB, QC, SK, CO, IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, CT, MA, DC, DE, MD, PA.

              (45 of 63 multipliers)

21 MHz: CO, CT, MA, NH, NY, PA, AL, TN, VA, AR, LA, NM, OH, WI, ON. (15 of 63 multipliers)


Band    QSOs    Pts   Sec
   3,5      17      51     10
   7       160     480    37
   14     189     567    45
   21       34     102    15

Total    400    1200  107


Claimed Score : 128.400 Points







- 13 and 14 February 2010, PACC contest.


I arrived at Peter's house around 1100z to prepare the last things for the contest which would start 1200z.

The tower had to be erected to a higher position and laptop with CAT and CW interface had to be plugged in

and tested.

Soon I was ready, just in time to find a clear frequency on 20 meter and call 'CQ'.

I got instant response and started to get the first calls into the log.

After 20 minutes the Drake L-4B amplifier fan started making strange noises and I had to investigate

what was going on.

Think that the fan just hit the cover, just slightly but very annoying to hear.

I decided to continue and see how it would go.

Peter, who was on a flight back home from the Caribbean had a couple hours delay so he would join me

much later then he planned.

A couple hors later then was planned he could make his first QSo's in SSB.

The rate was 80 QSO average till late in the evening, not bad at all.

Very nice runs on all the bands and it was good to see 15 opening up very nicely.

10 meter however turned out to be still asleep, just 6 QSO's and 2 multipliers there in total.

Overall it went well but I was definitely not happy about how it went at 40 meter.

Peter has absolutely good antennas for this band, a dipole at 24 meters, a vertical and a Rhombic which

looks NE-SW.

But the noise was tremendous and I had difficulty to get the calls, had to ask 4 times for call and then

the same for the serial, madness!

You can see in the final score that 40 was really bad as you would expect more Q's on that band.

But 80 and 160 were good with nice runs of NA's.

I decided to go and sleep a couple hours at 0100z because the rate went quite low and I wanted to be

fresh in the early morning for the grey-line propagation.

Peter had already gone to bed, he was to tired of the long stay at the airport.

Two hours later I was back again, the couch felt really nice!

Started on 40 again but not much response.....160 again then.

I hoped to have some Long Path propagation to the Pacific around the grey-line on 40 with the Rhombic.

But they never showed up.

Peter was awake too and he did some SSB which worked perfect with the Heil Pro-set (H-4 element).

At that time, 0730z, 15 meter opened up nicely into JA.

I stayed there for more then 2 hours without having to call CQ.

South Korea, Japan and even a station from Vietnam, very nice!

Till the end of the contest we switched 15 and 20, keeping an eye on 10 as well but only two PA station

were heard there.

Just 10 minutes before the end we got on 10 to work a couple stations from The Netherlands and one

from Belgium.

Then, the PACC 2010 was over and we were satisfied about the results.


     Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts    Cty
         1,8  CW     131      131    34
         1,8  LSB        1          1      1
         3,5  CW      170     170    17
         3,5  LSB     165     165     25
            7  CW      245     245     42
            7  LSB       14       14       2
          14  CW     304     304      43
          14  USB    121     121      23
          21  CW     141     141      25
          21  USB    116     116      30
          28  USB       6          6        2
      Total  Both  1414    1414   244

     Claimed Score : 345.016 Points



TRX: FTDX-9000d

Amplifier: Drake L-4B


-160 meter: Inverted V (feed point at 25 meter)

-80 meter: Inverted V (feed point at 25 meter)

-40 meter: Rhombic to NE-SW

                : Vertical with 4 elevated radials

                : Inverted V (feed point at 25 meter)

10/15/20 meter: 3 elements wide space Yagi up 25 meters.

Laptop: N1MM with CW interface.





- 12 February 2010, coming up....PACC contest!


Coming weekend will be the PACC contest, a contest in which many stations from PA-land can be worked.

Dutch stations will give RS(T) and their province, other stations outside The Netherlands give serial number.

The contest is supported by N1MM contest program.

More info about the contest  here: http://pacc.veron.nl/ 

If you are interested in Awards you can obtain the PACC award by working at least 100 Dutch stations.

Stamps are available for 200, 300 and up.

Info here: http://members.quicknet.nl/pa1cw/veronhfawards/89263855-8062-42f6-80b1-73735ec7d57f-9.html 



I will take part in the contest together with Peter/PA8A, we will be Multi/Single as PA8A.

Used modes will be in SSB and CW from 10 to 160 meter.

So, hope to meet you in the weekend!





- 6 and 7 February 2010, PJ4/PA8A on Bonaire Island, sunny Caribbean!



My friend Peter/PA8A is on Bonaire for a holiday and would be active today from the K2NG rental shack.

Peter would be joined by PJ4NX/Peter who lives on the Island.

Peter called me on the phone they had arrived and were ready to operate.

I gave it a try at 14.148 MHz but it was very difficult to hear him.

This improved the next minutes and I could make the contact with just 45 both ways.

They went on working a big European Pile up for the next hours but promised to call again when going

to 40 meter.

The call came around 1955z and this went much better then on 20 meter, just a 55 but good enough to call

it a good one.

I talked to Peter the other day and he mentioned the pile up being tremendous!


During the weekend I was also active in two contests, Black Cup International and the

Mexico International RTTY contest.

I made 302 contacts, 202 in the Black Sea event and 100 in the XE-RTTY contest.





- 2 February 2010, 6W/PA3EWP on 20/SSB.


In the evening I heard Ronald 6W/PA3EWP on 14.187 MHz, running a nice simplex pile up.

Switched on the amplifier and it did not take long before I got him into the log.






- 1 February 2010.


I opened up the amplifier this evening to find out what is really wrong.

During the contest it seemed to have a bad contact somewhere.

We believed it had to be the TX/RX relay so I wanted to clean that first.

When taking a wire out of the way I noticed it coming loose.

This could have been the problem, so I connected the wire again.

When testing it with the FT-2000 and the amplifier in line it all seemed to work as it should.

Seems I just fixed it.







- 29 to 31 January 2010, CQ160CW contest/Multi-Single.


It's Friday evening 2200z and the start of the contest.

Fred/PA8F was already there when I arrived.

Not much needed to be done as I brought the equipment earlier this week.

Exited about how the 26 meter long vertical would perform, would it be a good receive antenna

as well and would we work DX?

A bit later other members from our team arrived for the mental support(PA3GLF, PD2JAM and PD0LUR).

A quick cup of coffee and off we went with in the first hour 80 QSO in the log, a good start.

During the night the first NA (VY2 and Nebraska station) came into the log which felt as a relieve.



(Fred/PA8F in action)



I have been active in the past on 160 meter and I always kept a weak spot for topband.

It's such a difficult band with all its side effects.

Stations can not be audible at first but can pop up out of the noise in seconds.

Second, the static can be killing as we noticed through the weekend.

The snowstorms coursed such a big noise that we could only hear the very strong.

You could hear a snow storm arrive, the noise going up from an S3 to 9+++, unbelievable!


In the early morning hours we found a strange effect when returning from TX to RX, the receiver

got very silent.

We first thought it was the ice on the vertical but after cleaning the base it was still there.

Change radios as I experienced the same at home when I was active in a contest last weekend.

We installed the FT-990, still the same...must the amplifier then!

As it was already 0745z and not much DX was heard we decided to go home.

With more then 400 Q's into the log we were very satisfied so far, what would the next evening

and night bring?

Fred would go south for a party and I brought his AL-811H back to the station.

When back I noticed the strange effect was gone.

We are pretty sure it must be the TX/RX relay in the amplifier and that need to be repaired next week.

I was at the station whole day and spend most of the time sleeping till 1430z.

I quickly putt on the heater as it turns pretty could in the steel container.

I had shut it before going to sleep, just to be sure!


Some new coffee and I was active again, mainly working the European piles.

At 1729z JH4UYB called in and we quickly exchanged reports.

Woow, first Japanese..Great!

Little later I talked to Joop on 433MHz, giving me some DX spots, ones we had not worked yet.

He mentioned JT1CO 'ÇQ-ing'at 1.826 MHz, but I did not hear a bleep.

We chat a while and after we signed I checked JT1CO again.

To my surprise he was there loud and clear and I needed just one call to get his attention.

Zone 32 into the log, Yihaa!

In the evening Joop and Stan came along and brought me some snacks which was very well

appreciated guys, thank you so much!

Dick was there too, nice to have you around.

Around 0030 first NA again, many followed and during the SR I could work far into the Midwest as well.

Stations from Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado came into the PI4W log.

Enough East coast along with them, last hours around SR was pretty good into NA.

When most DX was gone and not many European stations on the band I decided to go home to relax a bit.

Me and Fred would return in the afternoon and be active in the last hours of the contest.

We had 881 Q's in the log on Sunday morning, I would never have thought that I could double the score

in the second night.

Fred picked me up around 1430z for the 30 minute drive to the station, wondering if we could reach

1000 QSO's?

Same routine again, heater and coffee, both kept us awake and warm during the weekend.

It did not go to well at first, just a couple responding to our CQ.

A short chat with Joop brought help as he could spot us on the cluster.

This went well, instant response from many Europeans and the 900 mark was in sight.

Around 1930 we could get the flag out and raise it, we reached 1000 QSO's!

Nice cream on the pie was when SU9HP called in, a double multiplier, zone and DXCC.

With 1008 QSO's we were more then happy and decided to dismantle the station.

We would be home early and I have to admit I really needed a nice warm bath.

What a great week and weekend it was and what a team spirit.

All of us helped to make the 160 meter vertical reality and were active one way or another.

Thank you all for making this a weekend to remember!


(Stan, preparing the tuning unit)



DX :

- A7/M0FGA from Qatar

- JT1CO from Mongolia

- PY2DXX from Brazil

- CR2X from the Azores

- JH4UYB from Japan

- CN2R from Morocco

- SU9HP from Egypt

- 105 stations from the USA




 Band    QSOs    Pts    Sta   Cty
    1,8    1008    5700   37    61
 Total    1008    5700   37    61

Claimed Score : 558.600 Points

Operators: PA8F + PA3GVI


The equipment:

Antenna: 26 meter long vertical, base loaded.

Transceiver: FT-990

Amplifier: AL-811H (400 Watts)


(Base with gin-pole, without tuning unit)


(Top-section of the vertical)


(Just 4 of the 26 radials)


(Antenna-base covered in snow)


(PI4W...winter scene)


(view to the west..our friends in NA)




- 29 January 2010, CQ160CW contest.


We have been busy all week with the 26 meter long vertical for the CQ160CW contest which starts

this evening 2200z.

The lifting of the vertical went very smooth but we had problems getting it base-tuned.

But yesterday we finally got it right and the vertical can be used within the 1:2 SWR range from 1.810

to 1.870 MHz.

We will ofcourse be active as PI4W in the Multi category from our contest station.

Operators are Fred/PA8F and Rob/PA3GVI.

Equipment will be a FT-2000, an Ameritron AL-811 amplifier and ofcourse the home-brew vertical.

Please look for us on topband and we sure hope to contact many stations.

Pictures will be on later!





- 23 and 24 January 2010.


I made 118 QSO's in the BARTG-Sprint-RTTY contest this weekend.





- 19 January 2010, FT5GA card.


A couple months ago the PI4W contest group bought 10 sections (70 mm x1,93 meter) aluminum pipe to

build a 80/160 meter vertical.

Several components had to be build and found before we could actually start the project.

Jan/PE1MPA made the base-plate which will hold the gin-pole and first section of the vertical.

I found aluminum for the smaller top section and today I fixed the 70 mm to 35 mm connection.

Hopefully, next week, the weather will be just right to erect the vertical that will be somewhere

around 27 meters total.

We intend to have it ready for the CW-WW-160-CW, last weekend January.

Here is a picture of the top section with the smaller extension.



The postman always comes along just before noon and when I wanted to pick it up I saw the SAE

between the other envelopes.

Would this be one of the new ones I need?

Yes, its the FT5GA card and it looks very nice, don't you agree?

-----------DXCC #315 confirmed----------DXCC #318 worked







- 16 and 17 January 2010.


During the weekend I made 150 QSO's in total in two different contests, UK-DX-RTTY and HA-DX-CW.

I gained just 6 points for the national Veron contest competition (by department).

Click on the link to see the scores: http://www.afdelingscompetitie.nl/ ( A66 Woerden)





- 11 January 2010.


I received a direct card from A92HB, one I had send couple weeks ago.

The card confirmes a 17 meter/SSB contact I made in Februari-2008.






- 9 January 2010, JTDX-RTTY.


Made 30 QSO's in this contest today and hoped to make some more during Sunday morning but on

Sunday I heard not a single station active CQ-ing 'JTDX'in RTTY.

I think this was because there could be different rules found on the Internet.

One of the contest websites mentioned 12 hours while other say 24 hours till 2400z on Sunday.

(12 January: This was definately a 24 hour contest but there was a confusing time at the contest PFD-file)





- 4 January 2010, first contest of the year..RSGB CC.


First contest of the year and just short one.

These RSGB contest are fun on week days, only 1,5 hour.

This time it was CW on 80 meter and I made 100 QSO's.





- 1 January 2010.


A Happy New Year to all readers of my weblog and let's hope this year will be a healthy year.

Of course with good propagation if possible, enjoy our hobby!

If you are here first time, feel free to look around and read the HAM INTERVIEW pages or just sit back

and watch my VIDEOS,...make your pick...left side menu!