This is my 2018 diary page.

Have fun reading about my chase for DX, contesting and other Ham Radio items. 

February 17 + 18: ARRL-DX-CW.

I was on and off during the weekend due to work and other things but managed to make 450 QSO's.
Saturday afternoon/eve was good to the West Coast US and VE with rare multipliers in the log.

February 10+11: PACC contest/PG6G.

The annual February event for us is the Dutch PACC contest. Basically Foreign stations work as many PA stations and provinces
as they can, the Dutch work the world.We would operate from our contest station with different antennas. Until so far
 we did not operate in this contest from our contest station but from one of the team members station at home. For us it would
be a good chance to see if we could compete the same way and end in the top 3 in our section, which is Multi operator/Single
Transceiver. On Friday we build the 80 meter vertical and on Saturday morning hoist the 160 meter dipole in the tower. All good
 and we were ready to go. Listening on the bands showed bad conditions on 10 and 15 meters so at 1200z we started on 20
meters. From the beginning the rates were high and this continued on the lower bands. Switching SSB to CW back and forth is
 what we did as soon as we found rates slow. Not a very big dip in activity during the normal silent midnight hours which was
really good to keep the spirit high. 24 hours later we were happy with the result.

Call: PG6G
Operators: PD2JAM, PA4M, PA4B and PA3GVI
TRX: Yaesu FT-990
Amplifier: Drake L7
Antenna 10/15/20: 3 element yagi up 60 feet
Antenna 40: Rotary dipole at 50 feet
Antenna 80: 1/4 wave vertical
Antenna 160: Inverted V dipole with the apex Aprox. 47 feet
Logging program: N1MM
Essentials: Fun, Coffee, Cookies, Thea, French fries, Chips, Soft drinks, Fruit.  :))
QSO's : 1656
Multipliers: 301
Claimed score:
494844 Points


PA4M                                                                                                   PA4B + PA3GVI

January 26-29: CQ-WW-160-CW

In all honesty I can say this is really my favorite contest...always loved the 160 meter band.....and CW.
So we set up the 90 foot vertical again but for the first time on our new location. The field was soaking wet on friday
morning but we managed to set it up with the two of us (PD2JAM and PA3GVI). 16 radials from 134 feet and another 16
from 67 feet on ground would be the counterpoise. No RX antennas simple because we had limited time!
After setting the log and testing the antenna and amplifier home for an early sleep as it would start 2200z same evening.
I was there one hour early and so was PD2JAM who bought some nice warm snacks on the way to the station.
Tried to find a clear frequency a couple minutes before the start but the band was already full of excitement.
Everyone was impatiently sending their test CQ's to secure a spot on the band for the start minutes later. Seems like everyone
is nervous of some kind....I noticed the same for myself. It started great with high speed runs through the night, mainly
European stations. I took the time to do some S&P from time to time and work the rare ones like Z60A from Kosovo which
became a new DXCC days before the contest. These stations generate hugh pile ups but the vertical and QRO performed very
well. It did never take long to hear the station send my report but sometimes the callers kept calling on top of each other minutes
before you could hear it. Conditions turned to excelent in the night and at the end of the first night I had worked 125
US stations, 69 DXCC, and 650 QSO's in my log. Not a bad result and I could not wait for the second night.
Went home to take a shower and sleep till in the afternoon. Was back at the station at 17:00z to find little activity on the band.
One hour later that had changed and I was back in business. Long story short, it turned out to be a bummer. Conditions not even
halve as good as the first night and almost no new US stations in my log the second night. The Sunday morning greyline
propagation helped working a few new US stations as well as YV1KK but nothing to get excited about. But, I was well pleased
with the result and I went home early after our Sunday SR. Because it was so slow with EU stations I decided not to return
on Sunday evening. I could have done that and hope for a good opening to Asia...but I didn't. Besides, I was really tired after
being active 16 hours nonstop. Monday 29th we took the antenna apart and cleared the farmers field, enjoyed some coffee and
looked back on a super weekend! Big thank you to my buddies Joop/PD2JAM, Mark/PA4M, Rik/PA4B and Peter/PA8A for their support!

QSO's: 1069
DXCC: 70
States/Provences: 34
Transceiver: FT-990
Amplifier: Drake L-7
Antenna: 90 foot vertical with 32 radials

January 18: FT8 and heavy storm.

Today we had a very heavy storm crossing our country with high wind. The storm was on it's heaviest between 10 and 14 local
and coursed many problems in traffic, fallen trees and unfortunetly two deads. No damage on the house but one of the G5RV legs
got loose and I need to go up the roof next week to repair.
I tried working the Somalia DX-peditions 6O6O and made two contacts. The team suffered heavy QRM and off times were plenty.
During the last week of 2017 I installed WJST-X  and since operate FT8 on regular basis. It's a low power mode and with the
heavy QRM in the evenings I can still make contacts. I still adore CW and look forward to the end of the month when CQ160CW
will course a crowded topband.