Pacific Coast Research, Inc.

"Putting Intelligence into

Business Intelligence"


Our analytics experience is focused on the market, the intersection of supply (your product) and demand (your customers).


Customer intelligence (demand)

  • Segmentation, migration: Who are your customers? Where to find new ones – quickly – given today’s fragmentation of needs and proliferation of channels?
  • Retention, satisfaction: How to keep customers happy and loyal – with little additional effort and expense?
  • Behavior & attitudes, wants & needs: Separating real from random – customer says ‘A’ and does ‘B’.
  • Trends: Luxury buyers, Gen Y and empty nesters, urbanization, green/LOHAS – How different are customers across triad markets – and where does it really matter?
  • “Soft” factors and intangibles: The example of how to sell more art. 


Product insights (supply)

  • Product differentiation: What works, what doesn’t? How is your product truly being used? How to benefit from monopolistic competition – how to charge a little bit more than the competition without losing sales?
  • Innovation: What works, what doesn’t – why?
  • Product marketing: RoI =? How effective are your marketing mix instruments, such as cash discounts, content upgrades … ?
  • How to fight sales decay – without losing your shirt? 


Market analytics (intersection of demand and supply)

  • Market forecasts: How big is the market (potential = f{product, price}) and how quickly will it grow (diffusion = f{promotion, place})?
  • Any statistical and econometric approach assumes that the future is an extrapolation of the past – what if this is not the case but unfortunately a key feature of the problem: Examples include a recession, a competitive product launch, new distribution channels …Solution: Test your strategy through simulation! Simulate buyer-seller interaction and disruptive events using next generation analytics.
  • Impact of fuel prices on consumption