Pacific Coast Research (PCR) was founded by ex-Accenture consultant Chris Schlueter Langdon in 1996 when he began his doctoral research on analytical tools to study disruptive events, such as digital transformation, using complex adaptive systems and computational simulations. The firm was initially created to team with companies affected by disruption as real-life test environments while helping these clients navigate disruption.
Today, PCR is located in the South Bay, the pioneering ocean front communities in the southwest of Los Angeles County, home of LAC's first port, the Beach Boys and undersea fiber optic cable landing sites - part of the Digital Economy's information autobahn.

LA is a very fitting home for a firm focused on Automotive and TIME (Telecom, Internet, media & entertainment), like PCR.


LA is the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world. It is considered as a preeminent 21st century cultural, economic and ethnic melting pot, providing first clues and insights into consumer behavior and market trends.  This may explain why LAs South Bay and neighboring Orange County is also home to many auto design and engineering studios. Furthermore, many Japanese and Korean automakers' American headquarters are located here.