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Email Server Outage Update
by SKStaff on 

Valued Customer,

Please be advised that we continue to see intermittent outages which only affect a small number of users.

IT continues to work on the issue.

In the interim, a workaround solution is now available and will resolve most user issues.

Please refer to the following videos for more information on how to backup and restore your lost emails.




Further updates will continue to be provided as soon as they become available.

Thank you for your patience.

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Email Server Outage
by SKStaff on 

Valued Customer,

Please be advised that we continue to see intermittent outages on multiple email systems affecting a small number of users.

IT is aware of the matter and actively working to address the issue, or provide a work around solution to minimize any impacts.

Updates will be provided as soon as they become available. Please refer to our Support Portal for more information.

Thank you for your patience.

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New responsive designs
by SKStaff on 
We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of five new modern designs: Capella, Mosla, Nouva, Pixelo and Merak in our premium design library. All new designs are fully responsive, come in different color themes and with many distinct features and are available today for Standard, Premium and Complete Subscribers.



  • Editable full-width page image

  • Collection of full-width Page images

  • Ability to add content/header navigation in the page header area (slogan/navigation/CTA buttons, etc.)

  • Sticky Navigation menu & Logo. Vertical scrolling keeps menu & logo in sight regardless of the page length.

  • Optional main content container, can be hidden or shown on demand allowing you needs to highlight important or promotional content, and make it stand out.

  • Comes in five different color themes - Purple, Blue, Black, White, Brown

  • Footer area is divided in two sections, suitable for distinguishing footer navigation from copyright section.

  • Responsive out of the box. Design will scale depending on device type.

  • Five predefined page layouts - Home, Inside, Splash, Facebook and Mobile.

  • DesignPro compatible.



  • Editable full-width page image

  • Collection of full-width Page images

  • Ability to add content and/or header navigation in the page header area - Slogan, Navigation menu, CTA buttons, etc.

  • Optional main content container, can be hidden or shown on demand allowing you needs to highlight important or promotional content, and make it stand out.

  • Comes in four color themes - Green, White, Blue, Grey.

  • Main Content Area blends with page background.

  • Responsive out of the box. Design will scale depending on device type.

  • Five predefined page layouts - Home, Inside, Splash, Facebook and Mobile.

  • Design Pro compatible



  • Editable full-width page image

  • Collection of full-width Page images

  • Ability to add content and/or header navigation in the page header area - Slogan, Navigation menu, CTA buttons, etc.
  • Optional main content container, can be hidden or shown on demand allowing you needs to highlight important or promotional content, and make it stand out.

  • Different Page Title text style for Home and Inside page layouts.

  • Comes in five different color themes - Grey, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Beige.
  • Main Content Area is with fixed width
  • Responsive out of the box
  • Five predefined page layouts - Home, Inside, Splash, Facebook and Mobile.

  • Design Pro compatible.



  • Editable full-width page image

  • Collection of full-width Page images

  • Ability to add content in the page header area - Slogan, Navigation menu, CTA buttons, etc.

  • Optional main and header content container, can be hidden or shown on demand allowing you to highlight important or promotional content, and make it stand out.

  • Additional Header content area on Inside page layout.

  • Different Page Title text style for Home and Inside page layouts

  • Comes in five color themes - Green, Orange, Red, Blue and Light Blue.

  • Main Content Area blends with site background.

  • Footer Area is divided in two sections, easily distinguished by color.

  • Responsive out of the box.

  • Five predefined page layouts - Home, Inside, Splash, Facebook and Mobile.

  • Design Pro compatible.



  • Sticky Navigation menu & Logo. Vertical scrolling keeps menu & logo in sight regardless of the page length.

  • Ability to add content in the page header area - Slogan, Navigation menu, CTA buttons, etc.

  • Optional footer content container, can be hidden or shown on demand.

  • Comes in six color themes - Gray, Red, Navy Blue, Green, Violet, Chocho Brown.

  • Responsive out of the box.

  • Four predefined page layouts - Default, Splash, Facebook and Mobile

  • Design Pro compatible.

You can access the new designs from Control Panel > Change Design.

Let us know what you think in the comments!
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Four New Premium Icon collections
by SKStaff on 

We are excited to announce the availability of 4 new premium icon collections for your web site projects.

The Two Tone icon library comes with 242 chromatic and achromatic icons available in 10 different color combinations, and three scalable sizes, allowing you to use a different color combination depending on your web site background colors.

Lynny icon library consist of 37 one-color linear icons available in 3 colors, and three scalable sizes. The color selection allows diversity regardless of the design used.

Invent library offers 54 one-color flat icons available in 3 colors and three scalable sizes. Depending on the icon color selection, different color themes provide enough flexibility to be used regardless of the site color theme.

The final addition to SiteKreator stock Icon library is Metrize and offers 50 metro-interface style icons, scalable in three sizes. White and Light Gray icons are suitable for dark backgrounds, while Dark Grey can be applied on all light site or element backgrounds.

All of the collections can be used in Text and Image editor, Menu Items, Section titles, Call to Action buttons, Mobile Home page, and other applications.

The new icon collections are available today to all Standard, Premium & Complete subscribers.

We would love to hear your feedback!
Let us know what you think in the comments.

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SiteKreator + Hostopia
by SKStaff on 

We are excited to announce that SiteKreator is now a part of Hostopia, a business unit of Deluxe Corporation. Deluxe (NYSE: DLX), a North American-based company, provides marketing products and services to 4 million small businesses and thousands of financial institutions. Deluxe is almost 100 years old, but is on the leading edge of marketing technology, providing domains, web hosting, email marketing, logo design, SEM/SEO and web-driven printing services.

It's important to note that you can continue using SiteKreator as usual. The impact of this change in ownership should be transparent to you. The SiteKreator platform continues to operate as normal for customers and partners.

Furthermore, we will now be able to deliver even more superior product, and do it at an even faster pace. As a part of Hostopia and Deluxe, we will beef up our engineering team and increase the speed of innovation. As a result, in the not-too-distant future, you will see:

  • a stunning new collection of stock designs and a larger library of vertical-specific test drives and icons

  • a brand new administrative interface, including inline text and image editor, and media catalog

  • new vertical-focused cloud applications and seamless integration with other business cloud applications

In addition, we expect to greatly improve the reliability of our service by leveraging Hostopia’s extensive experience as a leading web hosting and email provider. We are looking forward to seeing the SiteKreator platform climbing towards the top of the list of most popular site creation tools, as Hostopia and Deluxe integrate our service into their offerings.

We know that you have come to expect an excellent customer service from SiteKreator. Serving you well is important to us and we are excited that the Deluxe family of companies shares our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our founder, Ivaylo Lenkov, will continue to lead us from San Francisco, and the team in Sofia, Bulgaria remains on board to continue the product development and provide support along the way.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of SiteKreator. We look forward to serving you for years to come. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: support (at) sitekreator.com.

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New Reusable Elements to Reduce Content Management Cost
by SKStaff on 

The option to reuse content is not new to our system, but we’ve only offered it as shared website areas - Header, Footer, Logo and Secondary navigation.

Now we introduce the new Reusable Content element that give you more flexibility to share content between different pages of your site. The Reusable Content element is a placeholder that allow you to post any content in it and then reuse it on other pages - from a Text and Image editor to the most sophisticated applications, such as the Appointment Scheduler.

The Reusable Content element works in way that is very similar to the Secondary navigation, so if you are familiar with it, you are already an expert on Reusable content. It give you the benefit of a single place where you can manage a content that will appear on many pages.

It is very easy to visually distinguish between the standard content areas and the reusable ones when adding a new content element on a page. The guides for reusable elements are colored in blue, while the standard content placeholders remain green. Same apply when you try to edit an element.

The new Reusable Content elements is available today for all accounts on Standard, Premium and Complete subscriptions.

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Welcome the “Year of Mobile” with Responsive Web Designs from SiteKreator
by Slavka on 

Smartphones and tablets are catching up on desktops and laptops as a primary way to access the internet, and it is clear that one size - or website - no longer fits all. Websites should display optimally on every device.

The new SiteKreator responsive web designs (RWD) address this issue, by adapting to device-specific requirements. With “flexible” images and fluid grids, content and layouts automatically resize to fit the screen. Images and galleries grow and shrink, the content elements and copy reflow themselves. The end result - website visitors enjoy an optimal browsing experience on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

All you need to do to switch to a RWD version of their current design is to simply re-apply it.

SiteKreator Responsive Designs at a Glance
The most important RWD behavior that you will notice is the transformation of the main website navigation into a mobile-friendly version for all screens with width size of 600px or less.

The main menu, page image and top navigation adapt to the device screen size

All Text & Image and Form elements also feature responsive behavior. The website fonts become smaller; images, tables and horizontal lines scale to fit the width of the device screen. The section tabs, CTA buttons and galleries also get resized automatically.

Beside element scaling, RWDs feature fluid layouts. Page columns and section element columns fall one below another and snap to the width of the mobile device. 

Section columns get rearranged for optimal user experience on smaller screens  

You can take advantage of this responsive design feature by using sections or page columns instead of tables, where possible. Even though the text inside the tables will get scaled and will reflow itself according to the screen width, the table columns will not fall one below another as section columns will. See below examples comparing tables to sections in desktop and mobile view.

Images and text get scaled and reflowed, but since the table columns are not rearranged, they become quite narrow.

Although the content looks the same in desktop view, it is nested inside sections instead of a table. The mobile view of the same page is much more readable.

The last type of RWD behavior aims at simplifying the page interface and layout to result in an user-friendly website version for tablets and mobile phones. Learn more about the specifics of each element behavior from our detailed knowledge base article.

RWD and Dedicated Mobile Presence
The new responsive web designs are a perfect solution for the majority of sites as RWD lower your maintenance load significantly, support a single URL and an offer optimized user experience across devices. But still there are websites that require a dedicated mobile presence. SiteKreator’s Mobile Home Page application provides the best solution for web visitors with specific mobile browsing needs. Local service provides, shops, restaurants and other brick-and-mortar businesses can significantly reduce bounce rates by maintaining a dedicated mobile home page. It ensures lightning-fast load times and provides action-oriented interface with buttons to the most needed pages on the go, such as Business hours and Location.

Pricing and Availability
SiteKreator Responsive Designs replace the standard SiteKreator designs and are available with your subscription.

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It All Begins with a Click - Introducing the New Call-To-Action Buttons
by Slavka on 

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are an essential landing page element, used to elicit a response from the visitors. Traditionally, implementing an effective button is a tedious process involving image design and animation programming. Well, not anymore.

Introducing the new SiteKreator Call-to-Action button functionality. Available as a built-in Text and Image editor element, the CTA button is a versatile tool for point-and-click creation of buttons with mouse-over animation effects. Each button features settings for custom color, size, captions, sub-captions, icon image and more.

It takes just a couple of clicks to add and configure an interactive CTA button

Use the new SiteKreator feature to create CTA buttons that entice visitors to click.

CTA buttons work well only if you do some forethought and planning. Designing the buttons has to be part of the page layout design process and to address 4 important aspects: placement, size, color and message.


The location of a CTA button is critical to it's success. We recommend to give your CTA button a prominent placement, but remember to take your entire page layout into account when making this decision. Use the codeless options for button alignment, text flow and spacing to determine the best spot for the button.

Draw attention with prominent positioning
Besides the obvious placement at the top of the page or at least above the fold, you have additional location options for increasing button conversion rates. Putting a CTA button on a distinguished area such as padded section is another way of making it stand out. If you choose a placement in the center - align the button horizontally in the center of the page to draw attention to it.

Use whitespace to detach CTAs from other elements
Whitespace can transform a page design in various ways. Some of them are purely aesthetic,  while in terms of CTA buttons white space has a tangible impact on their effectiveness.

Separating the button from areas with other design elements gives it visibility and makes the page feel less cluttered. If you think that a CTA button is not big enough to stand out, first try surrounding it with whitespace. Be careful not to exaggerate, otherwise you’ll loose the logical connection between the page elements.

Surround the CTA button with whitespace to make it stand out. You can easily do so, using the built-in spacing tool.

In cases where using white space effectively is not an option, you can use the size and shape of the CTA button to draw attention to it. The size of an element relative to its surrounding elements indicates its importance. Decide how vital certain site actions are, and size the buttons accordingly. You can do so with the help of the user-defined or pre-set options for button size and color that are available with the SiteKreator CTA button feature.

Here are some tips on how to draw visitor attention by changing the CTA button size:

  • CTA button size vs the surrounding elements
If the button is placed above the fold, and in order to grab visitor attention, the CTA button should be roughly 20% larger in width than the website logo element. Another easy test is to do the “5-pixel blur screenshot” test - apply a 5-pixel blur to a screenshot of the webpage and make sure that the CTA button is still visible.

  • CTA button size vs the less important call-to-actions
To indicate the importance of the primary call-to-action with respect to other actionable items, you can vary their sizes. Remember that the primary CTA button needs to command attention without overwhelming the page design.

You can select the preferred button size from a convenient drop-down menu to apply it. To customize a set of 3 predefined button sizes per account use the DesignPro application.

Color and Appearance

We’ve combined color theory with marketing best practices to help you create great CTA buttons. Colors are a powerful tool for encouraging feelings that lead to a desired action. You can guide website visitors to make the choices you want them to make just by using the correct colors and color combinations.

Use contrasting colors for primary CTAs
When speaking of contrasting colors we actually refer to complementary colors that are located on the opposite of one another on the color wheel. When placed next to each other, compliments make each other appear brighter.
  • Background vs foreground color contrast
To make a CTA button stand out by changing its color,  give it the complementary color of the background color.

  • Color contrast vs surrounding elements
For large buttons, choose a color that is less prominent compared to surrounding elements and the background. For smaller buttons you may want to choose a complementary color. But whatever color you choose, make sure you design the button in such a way that it is noticeable without interfering with the overall design.

The primary CTA button color is design-specific and automatically changes upon design update(*). You can further customize the button colors by using the DesignPro application.

Offer alternative colors for secondary CTAs

  • Placing the secondary action beside the primary action
In this case, the primary action can be made more prominent than the secondary action through a higher color contrast to its background than the secondary CTA button. To group the buttons together, make sure to reduce the whitespace between the two buttons relative to the other elements in the area.

  • Placing the secondary action below the primary action
If you want to display the secondary action below the primary action you need to have greater visual separation of the CTA buttons. In addition, it is best to use a more muted color for the default state of the secondary action.

All of the above tips can be easily applied to new or existing CTA buttons by using the customizable color options for the auto-generated CTA buttons.

The presence of visual elements in CTA buttons is proven to increase conversion rates. Some of the most common examples of pictographic call-to-actions are the shopping cart icon on an “add to cart” button, and the arrow icon on a download button. Easily-recognized icons can immediately indicate meaning to website visitors, thus encouraging a desired action. It makes this feature a perfect match for both landing page CTAs and contact or subscription form buttons.

You can quickly add images for the default and mouse-over states of the button by picking them from a comprehensive built-in gallery. You can also upload a custom image to use as a button icon.

Make sure that the icon adds to the user experience by clarifying what the button is for, and doesn’t add any confusion.

Another approach to improving the visual impact of a CTA button is to animate it. The new SiteKreator CTA buttons make this previously time-consuming task a breeze. It only takes a couple of clicks to bring a static button to life and make it glow, shake, pulse and more!

You can choose from 7 mouse-over transitions like dissolve, move up and enlarge. This feature reveals the mouse-over captions and subcaptions in a way that promotes attention and ensures the effectiveness of the CTA message.

In cases where you need to focus attention on a primary CTA button in an unobtrusive, but eye-catching way, use the 6 highlight animations. These effects are not triggered upon user action, but rather animate the button every 30 seconds by making it shake, move up and down, glow and more. Once enabled, this feature greatly improves the button visibility, serving as a visual reminder.

The CTA button feature allows for easy creation of customizable captions and sub-captions for the default and mouse-over states of the button. The text is editable and allows for testing different messages without time-consuming and costly redesigns. You can easily create effective CTA button messages by simply following the steps below.

Button Caption

Formulating winning button captions is all about finding the right emotional triggers.

  • Keep it short
Just follow this simple rule of thumb: 3 words or less.

  • Communicate sense of urgency or scarcity
Suggestions to perform an action will be effective if you create a sense of urgency or scarcity. Using words such as "now" or "immediately" convey such urgency. Create scarcity with messages like “Only 5 products left” to employ the law of supply and demand. The less the supply is, the greater the demand will be. Remember to include numbers when you apply urgency or scarcity. Replace “Only a few products left” with “Only 10 products left”. People trust numbers.

  • Use command verbs with an implied benefit
If you don’t include verbs, visitors will not be encouraged to take action. It’s proven that strong action verbs draw attention. Examples of such strong verbs are Buy, Shop, Watch, Compare, Download; Examples of weak verbs are Click, Get, Try, See, Read.

  • Be specific about the exact desired action
The words should describe the action or result of the CTA. When possible, avoid using “OK” or “Cancel” as it requires reading the surround text to understand the meaning of the button.

Button Sub-caption
The button sub-caption is used to overcome visitor’s hesitation to take action. The hesitation usually stems from thinking that an action will be difficult, costly or unsafe. Another reason for hesitation is the lack of information of what happens after the click.  Take care of these concerns to improve the number of button conversions.

  • Tell the visitors that taking the action is easy
Use statements such as “no forms to fill”, “one-click”, “takes only 30 seconds”

  • Give the visitors a peace of mind
Answer anticipated questions that visitors may want to ask before taking the action. Point out that taking the action is safe. For example, indicate that their credit cards won’t be charged at this point, that there is a money-back guarantee or that they can always opt out of the newsletter.

  • Set expectations
Give additional information on what the visitors will get or what will happen after taking the action.

Pricing and Availability
In order to enable the new CTA button functionality, simply re-apply your design.

The CTA buttons are available with SiteKreator Standard, Premium and Complete packages. The DesignPro application is available with SiteKreator Premium and Complete packages.

The CTA buttons are available with all contemporary SiteKreator designs. (*) The design-specific primary color feature is enabled for the Altair, Atlas, AtlasB, Chara, Electra, Mira, Sirius, SiriusLight, Vega, VegaLight designs. The Atria, AtriaX, AtriaxLight, Kuma, Meissa, PastaArc, PastaOval and Polaris designs feature fixed button colors.

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New: Facebook Social Plugins Application Enhancements
by Slavka on 

New Tools and Better Performance

We’re happy to announce the release of two new Facebook plugins: Facepile and Follow Button, along with a 2X improvement in FaceBook application loading speed. Also all other plugins are updated to support the latest options provided by Facebook.

Facebook Social plugins are easy-to-add social components to enhance your website and increase site visitor engagement. Inclusion of Facebook Social plugins allows your site to be more relevant to Facebook’s 1+ billion users and to become social media ready. Here is what’s new:

The Facepile Plugin displays thumbnail-sized profile images of Facebook users who have “Liked” the page on your website and are Facebook friends of the visitor. To enable visitors to “Like” your website pages, insert the Like button on any page of your website. Choose pages that generate traffic, such as your blog, or pages that would benefit from the power of social credibility to increase conversions, such as landing pages.

The Facepile Plugin is a great tool for taking advantage of the social credibility. Seeing a familiar face on a web page creates an instant bond with the new visitor.

If you’ve just created your website, you may want to build up the number of “Likes” first before installing the Facepile plugin. It will maximize its impact: The more “Likes” your pages get, the greater the chances a visitor will see their friends’ profile photos in the Facepile.

Follow Button
The Follow Button enables your website visitors to subscribe to the public updates of your Facebook profile directly from your website pages.

The Follow Button is useful for anyone with a following (e.g. artists, actors, politicians). Installing this button will encourage your website visitors, fans and supporters to connect with you. It will allow you to keep the conversation open and extend your overall reach.

And More...
By improving the implementation architecture we are able to reduce the loading time of the Facebook application by a factor of two! Faster loading time will increase the responsiveness of your site and decrease visitor bounce rate.

Last but not least, you can now specify the exact URL your visitors will Like, Send or Comment on. This gives you more granular control over how your visitors interact with your content.

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Sunset: Google Checkout, Internal Stats and Legacy Gallery
by Slavka on 

From time to time we conduct a review of our system and streamline it by retiring or replacing aged system components. As a result, we would like to announce the following features will be discontinued.

Google Checkout
On November 20th, 2013, Google will discontinue support for Google Checkout. As a result, we will also no longer support Google Checkout after that date as a method of payment in our Online Payments application. The PayPal payment button will continue to be available to you and can be a direct replacement to Google Checkout. Your customers will be able to make credit card payments directly with the PayPal button.

Internal Website Statistics and Hit Counter
On September 1st, 2013 we will discontinue the support for our Internal website statistics and Hit counter features. The phase out of this feature has been announced in February 2013 and existing installation will continue to work until September 1st, 2013. If you are still using this legacy feature, please switch to Google Analytics at your earliest convenience. Google Analytics is a more powerful replacement of the retired function and is available free of charge for all users.  

Legacy Galleries
On September 1st, 2013 we will discontinue the support for our legacy galleries. If you have created your image galleries AFTER August 2010, this change will NOT affect you. If you have a gallery that has been created before August 2010, you can convert it to the new, more elegant and functional Gallery at anytime. Just open the Gallery property sheet and click on the Convert button. Alternatively you can choose to do nothing and we will convert them automatically for you on September 1st, 2013.

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