The Dialect Meme

In 2011 or so, people started posting on youtube videos of themselves performing their answers to some of the questions on my old Harvard Dialect Survey. This internet phenomenon normally goes under the name "(Regional) Dialect Meme", "Accent Tag", or "(Tumblr) Accent Challenge". There are hundreds of these videos; I have posted links to some of them here.

I. America

I.1. USA

I.2. Canada

1.3. Mexico

I.4. Caribbean

I.5 South America

II. British Isles

II.1. England

II.2. Scotland

II.3. Wales

II.4. Ireland

II.6. Isle of Man

III. Continental Europe / Scandinavia

IV. The Antipodes

IV.1. Australia

IV.2. New Zealand

V. Asia

VI. Africa

Vi.1. South Africa

Vi.2 Other