I grew up with my Dad videotaping all family events, large and small.
 On the first day of school, he'd appear from around a corner with his
huge VHS recorder resting on his shoulder, silent, smiling, and documenting. 
Being his daughter, I wished to see the world through his eyes, and
would often ask to have a try at the bulky expanse of technology,
thrilled at the weight of the camera on my shoulder and the ability to
record what my impressions of reality were.

For my thirteenth birthday, I received my first camera as a gift from
my parents.  It was a completely manual Pentax K-1000.  Family
members contributed through the years by giving lenses or taking my twin
sister and I on trips to NYC to photograph the sites.  In terms of formal
education, I began taking photography classes at New Bedford High school
where I got my first whiff of black and white chemicals and experienced
the true magic of developing film and making prints.  Creating "photographs"
literally translated as "drawings of light" on my own in a darkroom became a
fundamental metaphor for my artistic and spiritual practices.

After many art and photography classes, I made the leap into attending
MA College of Art in Boston majoring in Photography and Sculpture. 
During my wonderful stay there, I was a teacher's assistant to profound
photographer Abelardo Morell and had the experience of learning with
other equally amazing photographers including Laura McPhee, Barbara Bosworth
and Nicholas Nixon.  I graduated with Highest Honors in both majors in 1999 and
remained in Boston as an artist with various studios in Jamaica Plain until I moved
to the Pioneer Valley.

The openess and natural beauty of Western MA as well as my deepening
 yoga practice allowed me the space and focus to begin my own
photography business in 2004.  I love photography as it is a practice of
observing the moment through my personal perception of light and form. 
I have spent a couple of years under the guidance of Richard Souza, to refine my
skills as a wedding and portrait photographer and I offer him much gratitude for
his kindness, humor and confidence in my abilities.