√   Criminal Record Abstract from the RCMP   - If you have a criminal record, secure an abstract without hassle and added expense, make corrections if your record is incorrect.

√      Criminal Records Act Records Suspension (formerly referred to as a Pardon) - Have peace of mind, improve job opportunities and remove your name from the National Police Computer. (MORE)

√      United States Travel Waivers - If inadmissible to enter the United States, obtain the necessary clearance.  You may or may not require a travel waiver.  Your situation will be professionally assessed.  (MORE)

√      Criminal Records Checks - If you think you may have a record on file in Canada and want it checked, we can do this by a NAME CHECK or by submission of your fingerprints to the RCMP.  The name check consists of a CPIC check of your name, date of birth, etc. to determine if you may have a negative criminal record on file.  This service is provided at a lesser fee through ClearNeed Information Systems through a Canadian Police Service who will provide this information to us.  This method is accepted by many employers or for your own personal inquiry to determine if your name is in fact possibly a person with a criminal record.  The only positive way however of determining if you do have a criminal record in Canada is by way of submitting your fingerprints to the RCMP which costs more than a simple name check.  

√       Non Criminal Fingerprinting Service - We offer this service at our office or in the privacy of your home or other convenient location.  OTS Services is an affiliate of ClearNeed Information Systems and are accredited by the RCMP to take fingerprints for Record Checks for Immigration to Canada, Canadian Citizenship, U.S. Travel Waivers and foreign Visas, Employment checks, Adoption, and providing you with fingerprints to send to another country for police record checks, etc.


√    Requests for Fingerprinting Services from outside Canada - We provide a service to clients in obtaining an RCMP Record check from out of Canada. We regularly receive and scan fingerprints to the RCMP for clients all over the world.  Further details may be found by clicking on this link: 


        Fast Card Applications  & NEXUS Applications -  We added this service for our many truck driver clients and other customers who require assistance in submitting or re-submitting these applications and provide help and expertise in instances where they have been rejected by the authorities. More on this topic can be found on the Free and Secure Website (FAST).  More on Nexus applications may be found on (NEXUS)

     Service Fees for OTS -  Our prices are considerably less than most of our competition.  We are a small office with very little overhead and most of our advertising is by word of mouth and recommendations from our many satisfied customers.  We have included our various prices in this website for your easy reference.  Click on this link for more information.   SERVICE FEES FOR OTS

  •       Canadian Immigration & Citizenship enquiries -  During the course of our business we are often asked if we do Canadian Immigration work.  While it is true that we are very much involved in taking of fingerprints for persons requiring permanent residency into Canada or for Immigrants to Canada applying for Canadian Citizenship we do not specialize in this type of work.  Over the years we have had contact with a proven reliable Immigration Specialist in the area whom we would highly recommend to you and have linked his website as noted below to ours for your information.   Please feel free to peruse their website noted below or contact Chris direct via telephone or email.

Chris Daw
Daw Immigration Solutions
24b - 279 Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3H8
Telephone: 519-342-5342