Here are a few links we think you might enjoy:

Rounder Records -- the duo has four CDs with them
No Guru Records -- Tom & Kenny's two most recent CDs are with them
Taxim Records -- European licensee for Tom's 18 Pieces CD
Solid Air Records -- these folks brought out both of Kenny's solo CDs

Sully's Guitar Straps -- Pat Sullivan makes the best we've seen

Roots Around the World Agency -- handles the boys' UK bookings
Shetland Folk Festival -- one of our faves
Strawberry Music Festival -- Tom & Kenny's favorite domestic festival

<----Cold Spring Tavern -- unless the boys are on the road, they play here every Sunday

Jimmy's Oriental Gardens -- great watering hole and local S.B. hang (now back in biz.)
Blues Links -- zillions and zillions of 'em!

Harmonica Links -- piles of links to everything harmonica related

Sage Arts Studio -- most T & K CDs are recorded here

The Ash Grove -- trailer for the documentary film

John Jackson's House Party - great stuff!

Santa Barbara Blues Society - oldest blues society in the country

Leap Castle - probably the most amazing place we've ever played a concert

Two Dogs Dining  -- classic video

Ry Cooder & Flaco Jimenez - "He'll Have to Go" -- one of our favorites

Who're You Gonna Call?  -- yikes!

Harmonica players -- hundreds of them. Pass the razor blades

Vintage Guitar Magazine -- great article on Kenny

Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry - 35 min BBC TV concert from '74

"Underneath the Same Sky" -- video featuring Kenny Loggins 'harp-synching' to Tom's playing -- nice harmonica site including videos, a blog, lessons, songs, a forum and more...

"Diversity - Surviving as a Professional in the Harmonica Business" -- an article by Tom

Blues World -- everything and anything you might need to know regarding blues
Bluebeat Music -- a great place to shop - say hi to Charlie for us!
R. Crumb's record covers -- fine art from a fellow lover of antiquated soundwaves
Speaker codes -- date that old amp!

Bluegrass West -- Peter Feldmann and pals

Charlie Parker movie -- recently discovered 1950 film w/ Hawk, Prez, Ella, Diz, etc.
Svenska Dansbands -- check out these band uniforms! Personally we like the Gert Jonnys
Weenie Campbell -- country blues guitar site
Harmonica Masterclass -- from the world's best harp teacher, Dave Barrett
Black Gospel -- fabulous gospel site, with great info and sound samples

Wang Dang Dula
 -- packed with good stuff
Guitar tablature -- top 100 sites for guitar tab
SPAH -- Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica

Kate Rusby - "My Music" -- wonderful BBC documentary on Kate -- a comprehensive listing of Classical Guitar information
Peg Leg Sam movie -- check him out

Tom and Kenny at Strawberry -- a bunch of random photos

Picture discs -- interesting look at some rarities 

Taming of the Shrill -- excellent article on how to mic your harp at recording sessions
Roots Music Listening Room -- MP3s and more, free
Reg Kehoe & his Marimba Queens -- ya gotta watch this clip!
The earliest solo guitar recordings -- who made them and when?
Red Hot Jazz Archives -- tons of great early jazz MP3s, free

Belgian yodeler -- Bobbejaan Schoepen

El Camino del Rey -- don't even click this if you have vertigo

Folk Mote Music -- T & K's favorite local music store & hangout
Tyrone's Record & Phonograph links - tons of stuff to keep you busy
Tom Ball Harmonica Orchestra -- "Nagasaki Sails From Uranus"

The Aristocrat Label -- the label that became Chess, w/ links to other label histories
Baby Trashes Bar -- trailer for "Las Palmas"

KouqinLinks -- large Chinese-based harmonica links directory

Kindermusik with Shay -- Tom's daughter's Kindermusik program for kids

Guitar history -- a history of the instrument; what more is there to say?
Muddy Waters complete discography -- from Blues and Rhythm magazine
How to flatten a warped 78 -- works for us
David West
 -- producer and picker extraordinaire. Also our preferred S.B. recording studio

Antique Radio -- tuning dials

American Federation of Musicians -- the Musicians Union
John Koenig -- great musician and producer of two of our early records

Sarah Jarosz -- "The Tourist"

Tom Corbett - world class mandolinist, singer and genuine fun-devil

Larry Iwerks - wildman artist and musician

Tomball, Texas -- hey, Moe Faux!  Send Tom his Key To The City!

The World's Worst Records -- enter at your own risk
My Name Is John Daker -- there are no adequate words to describe this performance

Laurel & Hardy -- a rare harmonica scene

Blues Harp Nation - a fine site full of fun harp stuff