B-Loved Bred By Champions

Ch. B-Loved Yippee Ki Yay  "Bruce" 2017

Ch. B-Loved Resistance Is Futile "TY" 2017

Platinum Ambassador For Health eligible

Ch. B-Loved My Boy Elroy, Summer 2016

Elroy is off to China where he has already earned his Malaysian and Thailand Championships

Ch. B-Loved Been There Done That, finished Spring 2016

Benton has moved on to Thailand and will hopefully become a star abroad. 

GCh. Cash's That's Why You're Beautiful, Spring 2016

Ch. B-Loved The Admiral, finished fall 2015

Admiral is the product of Two Platinum Ambassadors for health with the BCA. 

Ch. Cash's Oh My Gosh "Usher", 2015

OFA Cardiac and Patella, HUU Clear

Ch. B-Loved Exact Classic Dr. Feeeelgood "Phil" 2014

BCA Platinum Level Health Ambassador (Cardiac, Patella, Trachea, Thyroid, Elbows)





Ch. Cash's Hear Me Roar "Orlando" 2014






Ch. Cash's Calm Before The Storm "Serenity" 2014






Korean, Thailand and American Ch. B-Loved Read Em' And Weep "Reed"2014





Ch. B-Loved Shut The Front Door "Dori" 2014

BCA Platinum Health Ambassador (Cardiac, Patella, Trachea, Thyroid and Elbows)



Ch. B-Loved Full Court Press "Courtney"2012

BCA Silver Health Ambassador (Cardiac, Thyroid, Elbows)



BIS RBIS MBISS Platinum GCh. B-Loved Nothing But Net "Swoosh" 2011.

BCA Gold Health Ambassador (Cardiac, Patella, Trachea and Throid)

BCA Heatlh Pioneer Spinal Database, HUU (Clear)




Ch. B-Loved Talk Is Cheap "Chi Chi" 2011

BCA Platinum Health Ambassador (Cardiac, Patella, Trachea, Thyroid and Elbows)



BISS Ch. Bowie State of Bulldog U "George" 2007