Available Adults


Best News!!!  Howard has found the perfect new family!!!
I do have an available adult.  Howard is 21 months old, neutered with an outstanding pedigree.  Both his mother, father and 2 of his grandparents have 4 or more OFA clearances.  He is a bright engaging dog who loves people and other dogs/animals.  He has no health concerns and is very active.  He has come back to me after being placed in a home 5 months ago.  Unfortunately that home was not a good experience for Howard and it has left him rather afraid of young children (the prior home had four children under the age of 7).   He will shy or run away from them so a home without children is a must.  That being said there are zero concerns about his temperament as far as any type of aggression.  Howard is amazingly sweet.  As mentioned he gets along well with other dogs.  I am first and foremost looking for a great home to offer Howard the type of life he deserves.   A nominal fee for Howard to the right home.