Swanzey Artists

Studio #7 (2 artists)

Bob Yantiss, etching
Guest artist: Brad Howe, wildlife photography
122 Talbot Rd., Swanzey, NH
Creativity has been part of my life as long as I can remember. Whether it was doodling as a child, creating a hot rod as a teenager or designing and building custom homes as a adult. I currently have been exploring painting with acrylics, carving images with my CNC machine and photography. I derive much satisfaction from letting my imagination run wild with any medium, and especially become motivated while perusing galleries and the web to see other artists' work.

Studio #8 (3 artists)

1. Jeanne Maguire Thieme, watercolor

Guest artist: Meg Kupiec, basketry and chair caning

30 Hale Hill Road, Swanzey, NH


Pipe Dream Studio is a gallery/studio of Thieme's watermedia pieces. "Painting with water is a balancing act of spontaneity and trust in the water. Putting aside my brush allows paint and water to flow on top of washes, letting light filter through the drips and splashes. These watery surprises tell my stories with a creative voice that cannot always be planned. This process continues to delight me and keep my painting journey fresh"


 Video created by Bruce Barlow


2. Gill Truslow, pastel

Pipe Dream Studio

30 Hale Hill Road, Swanzey, NH


Luscious pastel paintings that illuminate the subject with a richness of color, texture, and sense of intimate connection to a special moment or place.


 Video created by Bruce Barlow

Studio #9 (two artists)

1. Kenny Greatbatch, Woodturning

Guest Artist: Wayne Miller, wood carving with hand tools

98 Forrest Ave,  Swanzey, NH

Mother Nature does the hard work. My job is turning out her beautiful work that I know is hidden there; many times I have an idea and the wood has another. The wood usually wins.The vase on the right is made from a black Birch burl that weighed about 220 lbs before it went on the lathe. As I was roughing it out it was obvious the large seam was not going away. Lacing it up seemed to make the most sense. Deciding what to do with these inconsistencies usually creates the unusual out of the mundane.


 Video created by Bruce Barlow


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