"When things seem really bad, look on the bright side - everything can, and probably will, get worse!"

the Optimist


This site will offer optimistic perspectives on the very bad events which will transpire in the USA and the world.  For example, consider the following:


 When this web site started in 2004, Gold and Silver were far below the peak prices reached in 1980.  Although that is bad news for people who bought at the top and never sold, the Optimist sees a positive view.  Gold and Silver are steadily advancing to higher prices against all the paper currencies, but they have not yet entered the explosive up phase that will happen in the future.  There is still time to position investments into the steady rise that will produce exceptional returns.


Inflation is rising at an ever increasing rate, which promises to multiply the misery index.  The only positive perspective the Optimist can offer about increasing inflation is that it may provide a brief window of opportunity for individuals to pay down their debt before the financial pain caused by Inflation becomes unbearable.


Deflation?  The Optimist takes a "Don't worry, Be happy, Buy Silver and Gold" view.


Read the Optimist commentaries, which are on serious subjects, but presented with a touch of humor.


The topics below represent major problem areas into the future.  The Optimist hopes to present positive viewpoints on each topic at a later date.

Job Outsourcing
Social Security
Trade Deficit
Budget Deficit


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This commentary presents only the viewpoints of the Optimist, and it is intended only for perspective and entertainment.  Please do not interpret any portion of this work as investment advice.  If any of the concepts discussed here appeal to you, then you must do the work to decide if and when and how you should invest.  The Optimist does not ask for any profits you make, and he cannot be liable for any losses incurred as a result of your investment decisions.  The Optimist wishes you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do or not to do.  Cheers!


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