Let's stipulate that a piece of art is first and foremost an artifact.   (See the examples shown below.) An artifact is a thing that made or used for a purpose. Any purpose.

In any case, this is a gallery of useless artifacts.  Their purpose is to be useless... with an exception here and there. They're generally fragile. And few are worth anything more than the cost of their construction (according to the IRS).

Their materials are simply various types of mud, metal and fiber whipped together in various forms. Sorta like me.  Some are made of things far more evanescent, more abstract: words.

Still, I find them highly evocative and meaningful.  They're dispatches from the front...  highlights of the struggle for sentient consciousness.  Some older. Some very recent.

Submit yours, if you care to, to gsmnem@gmail.com, for consideration as time allows.




Image: Judy in the Stars

Artist: Professor of Art (retired) William Girard, Royal Oak, MI

Oil on Canvas  

See also: Judy Detroit  (poem),  About Judy in the Stars in Musings.

 Faval by William Girard, Royal Oak, MI

Image: Fauvel

Artist: Professor of Art (retired) William Girard; Royal Oak, MI

Oil on Wall board  @ 56" x 40"




Image: The saltcellar of King Francis I of France

Artist: Florentine sculptor Benvenuto Cellini

Cast Gold on Ivory base  circa early 1540s.


Cellini also created bronzes. In his Autobiography, Cellini wrote that the two figures in this piece were "fashioned like a woman with all the beauty of form, the grace and charm, of which my art was capable." The piece is 26 by 33.3 cm (10.25 by 13.1 in) and was stolen from  the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria, in 2003.

It is considered priceless. 

People with information regarding this theft should contact the nearest FBI field office or United States Embassy.




Image:  One Afternoon

Artist: David Chorlton; Phoenix, AZ

Watercolor & Pastel @ 22" x 30"





Image: Captain Ahab

Artist:  Leonard Baskin




Artist:  Leonard Baskin

Print: approx 7' x 3'